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     A very interesting and truly chilling happening was brought to my attention recently. One that I feel everyone should be made aware of…especially as the Halloween holiday is coming up and would be an excellent opportunity for whatever this is to happen.

     About a week ago( 2008…but relevant any Halloween,or anytime) I was contacted by an author who is writing a book about Black- Eyed Children…or as they are commonly known Black-Eyed Kids ( BEK’s). He asked if I had had any experiences with, or theories about them. His letter was my first introduction to the phenomena. I have since did a bit of online research and found several seemingly credible instances of these occurrences.

     The BEK’s appear to people looking like children or teens and they ask people to let them in their cars or homes for various reasons such as using the phone, needing a ride home, etc.. This seems to be an important point with them for some reason. The permission to enter your property.( no way to verify, but it is felt that many disapperances of people may have been BEK’s who did get entry permission) Witness have said that they almost instantly get a sense of extreme evil or danger from these “kids” and feel that they need to get away from them. A feeling that no matter how innocent the “kids” look that something is definitely not right with them. Witnesses have noticed 2 main features of these “kids”. As amazing as it may sound it seems they have solid black eyes…no white at all…just solid black like a large pupil as their entire eye. They also seem to speak very confidently, eloquently, and mature. Not as a child or teen normally would. As an example a typical teen might say “ Me and my friend are going to the mall to see a movie” a BEK might say “ My friend and I are proceeding to the shopping center to see the film”.

    If you make contact with what you feel is a  BEK it is highly suggested that you immediately leave as soon as possible. Witnesses have also said that BEK’s seem to have an ability to mesmerize or manipulate the mind in some way. Witnesses have said that even though they didn’t want to they have found themselves reaching to open the car or house door to let them in.

    I am sure that many cases of seeming BEK that happens now are teens who have heard of the happenings and get black colored contacts and try to scare people. If this is the case I am sure in most cases it will be apparent. But if you have a contact that gives you a feeling or extreme evil that you must flee from and a feeling that you are being mentally manipulated it is no joke. Please take heed.People have felt that BEK’s may be demons, vampires,aliens, alien hybrids, etc.

        Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Best wishes,

Donald Ryles PhD 


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