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The message (audio only) begins at about 1 minute…this is not the original video of that day, but is a compilation of UFO related clips made by the author…  more of my comment below video…

This occurrence is of course assumed to be a hoax by most…myself included…, but it does leave me with several questions.


How was it done ? To this day no one knows exactly who, why, or how this was carried out. It would be no small feat and would take many people working together to break into a major TV network.


The message is over 6 minutes long. Why wouldn’t a hoaxer have made a shorter message so as to reduce the time they risked being found by the network. In fact you will note that for over 30 seconds after the message ends the droning tone continues. Why ?


Why would hoaxers who had an apparently lofty goal of World peace and who had gone to great lengths of planning, effort, and danger of legal problems make a message that sounded so obviously fake and phony? The message sounds patently 60’s Hollywood alien invader style…i.e. “People of Earth heed my warning”.

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Donald Ryles PhD



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