2 thoughts on “Weird Stuff : Is Obama The Reincarnation Of An Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh ?

  1. Clone or true a God sent incarnate … they would both have the ability to make great changes in their generation of power … and they both would have the DNA capabilities to in time wake up and make the right choices, even if the cabals had influenced their lives …..

    Now as confusing as things stand today … anyone … clone or incarnate .. who would wake up to make Positive changes … would most always first be seen as the enemy, as the evil enemy will make sure of that …

    And because a lot of things will have to be torn down, to make right … anyone taking Positive steps to set in motion a Positive outcome … the process of that Positive outcome may very well seem negative …

    Just as on the big scale of things … and the process of this world coming to an end … to put in place a new beginning …

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