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One of my earliest…and still one of the most unexplainable experiences…deals with a used Ouija board I got when I was about 9 years old . My Mother had taken me to an Estate Sale and there was a box of toys and games . She told me to pick one out and for some reason I picked out a Ouija board . Neither of us knew much about it . I think I liked it since I had heard of one somewhere . Later that night I got it out of my closet and asked her to “play” it with me . She read the instructions and we tried it for about 20 mins. and nothing happened . We both got bored and I took it back to my closet and got something else to play with . A few days later I asked her if she wanted to play the Ouija again . She said that nothing had happened before so she didn’t think it was much of a “game” . I convinced her to try again and she did . After a few minutes this time it began to spell words . As most anyone who has ever used a Ouija for the first time knows you usually start accusing each other of moving the pointer . She told me to stop moving it and I told her I wasn’t moving it…she was…and she said no she wasn’t . We calmed down and began asking questions and it began to answer . I asked who it was and it said a name . I asked where it was and it said something like “I am outside “ . This went on for a while and then it stopped answering questions and just began to talk . It said it hated us and that it was evil . It said it would murder us . My mother looked at me and said why are you saying these things . I swore to her that I wasn’t . It kept spelling out curse words and threats until she pushed it off of her lap and said she wanted it out of the house immediately . It truly scared her . I think I was a bit too young to truly understand it all. She took it outside and placed it in the trash . When she came back inside she told me she was sorry that she threw my game away , but that she would get me a better one . I asked her if I could have a GI Joe doll instead and she said yes . The matter was forgotten and I looked forward to getting the GI Joe . A few days after the trash had been picked up I was playing in my room and my Mother walked in and announced “ Well I guess you didn’t want the GI Joe doll did you ?” . I said , “ Yes , I do want it…what are you talking about ?” . She said , “ While I was cleaning your room today I found that Ouija board in your closet…Why did you get it out of the trash ?”. I told her that I hadn’t gotten it out of the trash and that I didn’t even like it . She didn’t believe me . She said , “ You know that scared me but you brought it back in and tried to hide it” . She took the board out for a second time and told me I better not get it out this time . I started to cry and told her that I hadn’t gotten it out of the trash and that I didn’t know how it got back in my closet . I asked her to please let me get the GI Joe . She just told me that I couldn’t have one since I had went against her wishes and brought the Ouija back into the house . This time the Ouija stayed gone , but whatever damage was to be done had already occurred . The house became paranormally active and stayed that way until we moved about 7 years later …

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