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As I briefly mentioned a few days ago on 8-17…last Saturday…I had a heart attack . Luckily it was a fairly minor one and I got to the hospital on time .  I had emergency

Angioplasty and my lower LAD was unblocked and I now have 3 stents   to keep the blood flowing to my heart muscle . My symptoms were waking up early Saturday morning and being unable to breath . I later found out this was because my heart was dying and my lungs were filling with fluid . I could not catch my breath , I violently threw up, and was pouring sweat, and by the time I got to the emergency room ( by car not by ambulance…luckily my mother was there to drive me ) my blood pressure was 229/160 . Not a pretty sight to say the least . Very glad it is over and my cardiologist thinks I will make a full recovery within 2-3 months  .

Now on to the strange things that happened leading up to and shortly after the attack . Many of you may think they are mere coincidences…and they well could be…but I feel that perhaps it was a bit more than just coincidences .

The first unusual thing that happened was about a week before the attack . My chest had been hurting me for a while on and off when I mowed the lawn . I just thought it was muscles and getting older . I was getting ready to mow and my mother didn’t want me to . She wanted  me to hire it done . I have always mowed my lawn  and I am very stubborn . I was about to mow it when and complete stranger came by and my mother happened to be on the front porch . He asked her if she want the lawn mowed and offered her an excellent price for doing it . No one had ever out of the blue asked  about mowing the lawn since I have lived here . She accepted without even asking me and the man did a great job . It is very likely if I had mowed I would have overheated and died right then and there . This event may have saved my life …and it came at the exact time needed .

The second unusual thing is that I have a statue of the Grim Reaper ( Death) riding a black horse . I have had it for over 15 years and it has always stayed in its box . It has always stayed in storage and I have only had it out of the box a few times to look at . For some reason the night before I  had the heart attack I decided to take it out and display it in a bookshelf in my office . When I remembered this at the hospital a chill ran down my spine .

The next two are not as extreme, but still stood out to me . I didn’t eat anything the day I went into the hospital and very little the second day so by the third day I was very hungry . The assistant came in before breakfast the third day  and told me what was on the menu for the day . Lunch was supposed to be a grilled chicken sandwich and dinner was to be lasagna . One of my favorite foods is lasagna but I was scheduled for release early in the day so I knew I would be gone before I had that , but was happy to be getting the grilled chicken for lunch. I wished it would have been a BBQ chicken though…which was what I was really hungry for . Lunch came around and they brought me my plate . I lifted the cover and to my amazement and joy there was a BBQ chicken sandwich .  I was so hungry it was about the best I had ever had in my life . When the assistant came to get my tray I commented to her how good that it was and she said that day was the first time the hospital had ever served that sandwich . I was about floored . That was what I had wanted and that is what was served…for the first time ever .

I was then preparing to be released and was supposed to be released at any moment , but due to an error between the hospital and admitting doctor  I was still there when the lasagna I was looking forward to was served . Halfway through my meal the doctor came and released me , so I finished my lasagna and got to go home afterwards.

I am home and on the mend now and getting back to normal . This heart attack was very unexpected by me . I don’t smoke or drink…I lift weights and exercise 3-4 times a week…and I eat a fairly healthy diet …lots of lean chicken and vegetables . If I had one piece of advice to give I would say if there is anything you want to change about yourself or anything you want to do to make your life happier or better…DO IT NOW !!! . Don’t wait another second . You truly don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  It is just now sinking into me that last Saturday could have been my last day alive . Give it some thought .

Best wishes, Donald

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