Who Is Donald Ryles & What Is “Griffins Of The Mind” ?

What is “Griffins Of The Mind” and who am I ? Well, first off “Griffins Of The Mind” is a new and updated incarnation of my long running and top ranked ( well over 1.1 million visits & #1 Google Ranked) paranormal blog . I bring you the paranormal , forbidden ,strange , unexpected , bizarre , and more . If you are interested in who am I you can see my professional bio below ( degrees,books,accomplishments, etc.)… If you are more interested in who “am” I…as in why this blog …I will tell a little about that . Beginning at about the age of 4-5 I started having strange experiences . Psychic and paranormal in nature . The first event I remember is being “visited” by an orb of sorts at my Great -Grandmothers house . Over the course of my life I have  had such experiences as a Ouija board that was thrown away returned to my closet , walking down the road with a friend when I was a teen and seeing a building  appear where I know none should be , witnessing with my Mother a building we were in mutate and alter completely . Meeting  and talking to people who as closely as I can determine were from another time or dimension .

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Below is a great Bio. That was written about me . I think it answers most questions , at least professionally , about me quite nicely . If you have any other questions , comments, suggestions, or input feel free to write me at contact (insert @ symbol) drryles.com

Donald truly is many things to many people…author, blogger, healer, seeker . He has firmly established himself as a well known and trusted presence in certain circles and is now very quickly becoming popular with the general public . His various blogs, posts, pages, and sites have received visits well into the millions. Over the past 15 years he has written , compiled , or consulted on over 10 books (including consulting on top UK children’s book publisher Dorling Kindersley educational paranormal books “Haunted” and “Supernatural”) as well as establishing 3 blogs…one of which has been #1 Google ranked for over a year . Donald has been a seeker and student of Alternative Mind/ Body Healing Methods and Human Potential Development for over 30 years . Six years ago he earned his alternative Ph.D in Transpersonal Counseling . His focus was Natural Healing and Mind Programming .

A Gemini by birth he most definitely embodies the dual Gemini personality . Those who know him have described him as intelligent , humorous , mysterious , unorthodox but at the same time traditional , serious , and loyal . Throughout his life Donald has always seemed to be the person that his family , friends and in many cases complete strangers turned to for advice. Even in his teen years he seemed to be felt as an “Old Soul”. Most who know him or have met him feel him as a very comforting presence.

Donald is always researching and his main goal and work now focuses on…as he says ” Helping and guiding people to have better , wealthier , happier , healthier, and safer lives in a quickly changing World “. To that end he has joined with dozens of other doctors , authorities , experts , and sources from around the World that share his vision . His website offers a unique mix of cutting edge mainstream and little known…and even what some would call “forbidden” information . He says “Are You Unhappy ? Do You Feel Powerless ? Are You Afraid ? Do You Not Know Where To Turn Or What To Do Anymore ?…You need to visit me and the experts at my site and learn to have real power and Peace of Mind”

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5 thoughts on “Who Is Donald Ryles & What Is “Griffins Of The Mind” ?

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  2. I have a question that no one seems to be able to give an answer…I’ve seen something like a light, but it wasn’t an orb but more like an self- radiating light…etheric light? I’ve seen it more than once and tends to having either er a blueish or light green hue. What could the this be? It’s not very bright but of course, still quite noticeable . I’ve seen it in the back of my truck, in rooms of my home where there is nothing else paranormal going on. Oh … I almost forgot to mention, it’s always stationary.

    • Simone,
      I cannot say what it was but I had a similar experience . When I was about 4 years old I looked out the window of my Great-Grandmothers house and saw a light like you describe . In my case it seemed to float through the yard and up to the window and then floated back out in the yard and into some nearby woods . I only saw it once in my life . I feel that it was a spirit .

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