Huge Collection Of Amateur 9/11 Footage

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Uploaded by on Jan 23, 2007

Huge collection of video footages captured on September 11th 2001. Shows views from inside the Lobby of the North Tower, the South Tower’s attacks, and the collapse. Plus the collapse of World trade Center 7.


Video :Was 9-11 Plane A Hologram ?

This was brought to my attention and is a bit strange but I have posted it for people to give their thoughts and comments on. It was posted a few weeks ago by  AMolvar | at YouTube was says… 

Watch carefully, especially the left wing.

All I have done is slow down this video, zoom in, and freeze some frames — I have not modified this footage in any other way.

Scientists who are experts in the holographic projection field and have viewed this footage say that there is no way that this could possibly be a real plane, but it is definitely a holographic projection, and that the mysterious disappearance of the left wing of the supposed “plane” was caused by part of the smoke plume getting in the way of the satellite-mounted holographic projector.

Bush administration officials have come up with a few lame excuses.

However, none of their excuses explain why the left wing clearly disappears before impact, while the right wing remains visible until it supposedly enters the building.

Take careful note that there is an explosion to the left of the supposed “fuselage” that occurs where the left wing would have been, but there is no left wing entering the building at all because there was no plane — it was a US military missile, poorly disguised using holographic technology.

911 was an inside job — war is big business.