UFO,Conspiracy,& Beyond

UFO,Conspiracy,& Beyond

50 informative reports from undisclosed sources…Secret experiments and missing people…Subliminal messages used as weapons…Mind control…Alien abductions…Government secrets…mysteries…and more. A real eye-opener. Book includes a copy of “Paranormal Primer”, a collection of 6 true unusual paranormal stories and 11 poems by Hidden Secrets of Many, But One author Donald Ryles PhD.CLICK HERE To See This And All Of My Books + Links To Over $300 In FREE Books Courses, Mp3′s And More

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Tree Of Deception—Illuminati Conspiracy —Dr. Donald Ryles

Below is a poem I wrote in 1996 and published in my book HIDDEN SECRETS The Strange Paranormal Life Of Dr. Donald Ryles. . It sums up my thoughts about conspiracy, Illuminati , “Powers That Be “ , etc. … In other words whatever the harmful , oppressive , or damaging forces are…or whatever you think them to be… this is my food for thought .

Tree Of Deception

The people are the dirt
In which they plant the tree
With hopes one day it grows
So high they cannot see
The branches spread out quickly
When fed on people’s fears
Fertilized with frightening words
Then watered with our tears
One day it blocks the sunlight
Then past it we can’t see
We all stand content beneath it
Feeling protected by the tree
Do not let the roots be planted
Question all that’s misunderstood
Fear, ignorance, and blind trust
Form the fibers of its wood

Copyright 1997 Donald Ryles ( Visit Website )

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The Returning Ouija Board By Donald Ryles—A True Story From My Childhood

One of my earliest…and still one of the most unexplainable experiences…deals with a used Ouija board I got when I was about 9 years old . My Mother had taken me to an Estate Sale and there was a box of toys and games . She told me to pick one out and for some reason I picked out a Ouija board . Neither of us knew much about it . I think I liked it since I had heard of one somewhere . Later that night I got it out of my closet and asked her to “play” it with me . She read the instructions and we tried it for about 20 mins. and nothing happened . We both got bored and I took it back to my closet and got something else to play with . A few days later I asked her if she wanted to play the Ouija again . She said that nothing had happened before so she didn’t think it was much of a “game” . I convinced her to try again and she did . After a few minutes this time it began to spell words . As most anyone who has ever used a Ouija for the first time knows you usually start accusing each other of moving the pointer . She told me to stop moving it and I told her I wasn’t moving it…she was…and she said no she wasn’t . We calmed down and began asking questions and it began to answer . I asked who it was and it said a name . I asked where it was and it said something like “I am outside “ . This went on for a while and then it stopped answering questions and just began to talk . It said it hated us and that it was evil . It said it would murder us . My mother looked at me and said why are you saying these things . I swore to her that I wasn’t . It kept spelling out curse words and threats until she pushed it off of her lap and said she wanted it out of the house immediately . It truly scared her . I think I was a bit too young to truly understand it all. She took it outside and placed it in the trash . When she came back inside she told me she was sorry that she threw my game away , but that she would get me a better one . I asked her if I could have a GI Joe doll instead and she said yes . The matter was forgotten and I looked forward to getting the GI Joe . A few days after the trash had been picked up I was playing in my room and my Mother walked in and announced “ Well I guess you didn’t want the GI Joe doll did you ?” . I said , “ Yes , I do want it…what are you talking about ?” . She said , “ While I was cleaning your room today I found that Ouija board in your closet…Why did you get it out of the trash ?”. I told her that I hadn’t gotten it out of the trash and that I didn’t even like it . She didn’t believe me . She said , “ You know that scared me but you brought it back in and tried to hide it” . She took the board out for a second time and told me I better not get it out this time . I started to cry and told her that I hadn’t gotten it out of the trash and that I didn’t know how it got back in my closet . I asked her to please let me get the GI Joe . She just told me that I couldn’t have one since I had went against her wishes and brought the Ouija back into the house . This time the Ouija stayed gone , but whatever damage was to be done had already occurred . The house became paranormally active and stayed that way until we moved about 7 years later …

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PLEASE READ : Yes I am a REAL Ph.D By Donald Ryles


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I have gotten an anonymous tip that a person or persons is attempting to spread a falsehood that my PhD is completely fake and that I am not a real PhD . The tip did not say exactly who it was saying these things so I do not know for sure, but I wanted to post my input since I consider this a very serious issue. To give you an example of how I feel take for instance a political Senatorial race. It is one thing to disagree with your opponent , to poke fun at them, even to get nasty and “sling mud” at them . You would be going to an entirely other level if you made accusations that your opponent was not really a Senator and had faked his/her credentials . I believe anyone who goes to that length and acts in that manner has most definitely crossed a line of ethics and professional conduct. I further believe that anyone who would do this should they themselves fall under careful scrutiny as too their character.

To whoever may be saying these things about me if you are reading this post please see the Wikipedia article below concerning the school that I received my PhD from and please read my 2 posts of Sunday April 11( at MySpacehttp://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll ) where I had cleared this issue and set the record straight about a month ago with someone who previously questioned my credentials . In these blog posts I explain in detail what I did to earn my degree. If the doubt you have is that you feel I did not actually graduate from the University of Metaphysics/Sedona please feel very free to contact them as they have my transcript, Masters Thesis, and Doctoral Dissertation in their files. I graduated Feb. 20, 2007.

To close let me re-assure everyone that I am indeed a real,true,and legal PhD.

Thank you for your time. Please be sure to see the comment section below.

Best wishes,


P.S.: To those who may not know what New Thought encompasses it can be any or all of these subjects: Mind/Body/Spirit Healing, Philosophy, Religion, Parapsychology, Mysticism, Yoga, ESP, Dreams, Jungian Psychology, Astrology, Meditation, Self-Help Studies, Positive Thinking, Life After Death, Reincarnation, etc.


Source : Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_Metaphysics

The University website is at :http://www.metaphysics.com/prospectus/format-off-campus.htm

The University Of Metaphysics is a private, post secondary, distance learning, theological school operating under the auspices of the International Metaphysical Ministry[1][2]. IMM is a non-profit, religious exempt organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. The curriculum is strictly non-secular and theological in nature. Students are prepared for Ministerial and other related careers in the holistic, New Thought branch of Metaphysical Theology[3].

New Thought, as a theological movement, began in the nineteenth century. This movement was thrust forward by a number of spiritual thinkers and philosophers such as Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Myrtle Fillmore, Charles Fillmore, William Walker Atkinson and Ernest Holmes. From its inception, independence of thought, teachings, and belief has been an important, deeply rooted characteristic[4] of the New Thought Movement. This makes it difficult for academia to categorize New Thought Churches, Ministries, and Organizations into set denominations with explicit boundaries of belief – as they do with other religious movements[5]. Nevertheless, a number of New Thought Denominations, such as Unity Church and Religious Science, have become easily recognizable by main stream society.

The University Of Metaphysics is totally focused on a New Thought Theological Curriculum and legally exists beyond the scope of the (U.S.) Higher Education Act of 1965. The University has been influenced for over fifty years by the deeply rooted tradition of independence of the New Thought Movement. The University has chosen independence rather than joining with a secular type association, organization or agency for accreditation. There is no official accrediting agency governing metaphysical education. Therefore, the IMM voluntarily maintains extensive oversight, quality control, and critical evaluation of the University’s activities, and religious curriculum. Academic standards that are at least equal to that of most secular, accredited, post secondary educational institutions within the United States are strictly maintained. This is accomplished through both exam and Thesis/Dissertation review.

The University Of Metaphysics can trace its history as a teaching institution, with its own unique philosophy over the last fifty years. This would include various educational and research facilities. The actual University Of Metaphysics, an independent entity as it exists today, was founded in 1976 by Dr. Paul Leon Masters. The University of Metaphysics applied for, and was granted, full legal right to award non-secular degrees up to Doctoral or Ph.D. levelin the various ministerial specialties.

The International Metaphysical Ministry, which operates the University Of Metaphysics, is a worldwide New Thought Metaphysical Ministry having exposure in the domestic United States along with over seventy[6] countries internationally[7]. IMM has over fifty years[8][9] of service in the private, post secondary religious field.

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Karma or Coincidence : 2 Stories

Source : By Donald Ryles PhD , http://www.drryles.com

     Recently I have had 2 very pleasant happenings in my life that have caused me to question them as to are they Karma or mere coincidence . Many who read this will immediately say that they are just random coincidence. Just as many will immediately proclaim that they are in a sense Karmic. I myself believe that they are Karma.

     The first story deals with a group of feral cats that I take care of and the second story deals with a recent tornado that happened in a city not far from mine.


     There is a wooded area about a mile from where I live that is home to a group of feral cats. I have taken care of them for about 8 years. The first 5 years I had the help of a few others, but for the past 3 years I have been the sole contact and food provider for the group. I have heard that at one time the group numbered into the dozens living back up in the woods . The most I have ever seen is maybe 10 and now what I see on a regular basis is a mother cat and 3 kittens . The mother cat and 3 kittens meet me most everyday at a location where I have set up a small shelter that I built out of storage containers for them to get in in the Winter . I don’t think they ever use it, but when I am home on cold Winter nights it makes me feel good that it is available to them. The mother cat , after having known her all her life (6-7 years), has just now began to let me touch her a little . One of the kittens has as well, but 2 of them as still wild.

     My mother has a friend who sends her religious and inspiring e-mails quite often and she recently sent her one that was about “Pennies From Heaven”. It told a story of how someone had been told by their grandfather that when you find a penny it is sent from Heaven and an Angel has placed it to let you know that you are being watched over. I am not sure if the story is based on a real passed down belief or if it is just a story someone has made up, but I did find it interesting and inspiring to think of.

     The next day as I went to feed the cats the mother cat walked up to me and as usual she partly hissed and partly meowed. The one kitten came to me cautiously as well as the other 2 watched from further away. As I bent down to put their food on the plate I noticed something lying between the plate and their shelter. It was a shiny penny. It looked as if it had just been gently placed there on the ground. My first thought went to the e-mail I had read the day before and I couldn’t help but think that an Angel had placed it there as if to say “Good work taking care of these cats, I am watching over them as well”.



     Recently in my area there was a fairly bad tornado. It caused quite a lot of material damage, but luckily the death toll and injuries were low. The word went out through the media that the people who had lost their homes were in need of clothes, food, and necessities. Having been in a bad tornado many years ago myself I understood exactly what the people were going through. I planned to give a donation of clothes and food, but was in no great hurry since I knew from experience that the people would be in need for many weeks, if not months. The next afternoon it was announced that all the clothes needed had already been donated, but that food, of course, was still needed. The TV news listed locations for local food donation drop off centers and I planned to give the next day as I was going to be out doing errands and taking care of business. As I walked into a local store the next day  there was a man and a women in the front hall standing by a large stack of food and they asked if I would like to donate to the tornado victims. I told them that I definitely would and that I would bring something back out of the store and donate on my way out. It was a location not announced on TV and I had not even known I was going to be at the store. I had just stopped in to get some soft drinks. I got my soft drinks and then picked up several food items to donate and as I left I smiled and placed the items in the stack The store is in a mall like setting so I had parked quite a way from the store. When I had gotten almost to my car the wind blew something up to my foot. I looked down and it was a $20 bill. I couldn’t help but think of it as sort of an instant Karma and fate in some way for my donation. I have always believed that when you give  you receive back.


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