“The Conjuring” Movie— What Is The REAL Story ?

In this open and honest interview Andrea Perron tells her story. I myself lived in a very paranormally active house as a child so I can relate…but her story is incredible.

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Hauntings Explained

Over the years I have been called to many situations where people believed they or rather their houses were being haunted. I am going to try to explain a little here about the various causes and possible explanations and how I dealt with each situation. Firstly I have to say that not all of the so called hauntings I get called to turn out to be cases of paranormal activity, yet they are still perhaps a little mystical in there nature. What I am talking about here is the vast majority of cases that involve simple energy and I am talking about energy from people who are here now and not past over. For example I was once called out to a house where the landlady was experiencing huge problems in trying to rent the house out. In fact the house was split into flats and one of the flats was never let for very long with the tenants often saying that there was something very strange about the place.Read More

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“The Haunting of Beekman Farm”

A Publicist with Planet Green sent this my way . It looks like a great show. Check it out if you get a chance.


This week’s episode, “The Haunting of Beekman Farm” reveals more of what the boys find during the ghost hunters’ investigation. It airs on Wednesday, July 14 at 9 pm ET on Planet Green.

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Kids Video Rubber Dart Moving By Itself

eilujybebut2u on YouTube posted these video and says…”Ghost hunting in the house! The kids recorded this unexplained behavior of an otherwise stationary foam dart”.

      I know this could very easily be faked, but I believe it to be real judging from the site info.( if it is true) and the way the children responded in the video, and that the channel is posted by the mother( mother of 4 children one who is Autistic), and not the children .

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Is This The First Ghost Video To Be Uploaded Online ? ( Pre-YouTube)

One of my MySpace friends , Kelvyn Stroud , sent this video my way . Thank you for the great find . Here are 3 great video including what appears to be a full body apparition , a ghostly hand reaching from behind a door, and a few EVP’s all captured in historic Smith House by Kelvyn’s friend Mike. Kelvyn says to the best of his knowledge the Smith recording is the FIRST and ONLY genuine upload to the internet (pre-youtube).

Kelvyn goes on the say …There are evps in the recording which i can only decipher as being american indian in origin?, The land in which the recording was taken is Navaho land so this seems to make sense, however, many people believe that the haunting is of many ghosts, namely a person named Horace Hamlin and his small family and maybe a ghost of a little boy who was killed by a hack outside the building back in the early 1800′s. It could be that indian burial sites were disturbed during the corpus christi 1919 storm?, it could even have been some kind of unknown species brought ashore through the 1919 storm and it or they decided to stay a while?, who knows for sure? :), whatever it is, it is caught on tape 4 times! You can see more of his videos at his YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/concernedagain

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