Code of the Illuminati III: The Antisocial Conspiracy + Paranormal Primer

Code of the Illuminati III: The Antisocial Conspiracy + Paranormal Primer

(Non-Fiction) One of the most discussed subjects among “Conspiracy Theorists”, and increasingly among the general public, is the Illuminati. Is the Illuminati organizing a New World Order? Is the Illuminati a threat to mankind? Is it even a real organization ? Decide for yourself after reading this very through book on the subject that was written in the time the Illuminati actually began its roots . This download includes a copy of ‘Paranormal Primer”, a collection of 6 true unusual paranormal stories and 11 poems by Hidden Secrets of Many, But One author Donald Ryles PhD.CLICK HERE To See This And All Of My Books + Links To Over $300 In FREE Books Courses, Mp3′s And More

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Iran’s President says they want a New World Order

TEHRAN — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran and Africa wanted a new world order to replace the existing one which has been created by “slave masters,” as he opened an Iran-Africa conference on Tuesday.Read More

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Was NWO and BP Oil Spill Foretold by Aliens in 1988 ???

PERSONAL NOTE : A chill literally ran down my back when he says that in the future we will all live on an artificial island surrounded by a dark black sea. I immediately thought of the BP Gulf oil spill.

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Amaury Rivera tells his amazing story. He photographed the UFO that abducted him years ago. This specific UFO case has been studied and investigated by hundreds of people.

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The Evil Side of the Michael Jackson Movie…Illuminati ?


Things may be different from how they might seem.

The main poster for the movie of Michael Jackson’s last rehearsal footage This Is It looks like a devil head. The silhouette of Michael’s body makes a devil horned head with his arms being the horns. It especially makes sense after combining….Read on

  History of the Devil + Paranormal Primer

Code of the Illuminati III: The Antisocial Conspiracy + Paranormal Primer