Unusual Book Quickly Gaining Popularity and Sales Rank

Was 9-11 and beyond encoded in a book meant to guide us all?…A book copyrighted 4 years before the events.


In the troubled times we now live in people are turning to many sources for comfort and guidance. Some turn to religion, some to government, and still others seek something new .

Author Donald Ryles PhD, CH, a Metaphysician and clairvoyant, feels that Hidden Secrets of Many, But One was “spiritually sent through me as a guide for us all… for our happiness and well-being “.  Dr. Ryles further feels the book “contains 17 messages and connections to 9-11, war after, and beyond…even mentions of the flight numbers of the attack planes and a vivid description of the World’s reaction to the attacks… numerically sent and encoded 4 years before 9-11”.

The work, which has been described as a non-religious, but spiritual journey for everyone, also partially chronicles the paranormal life of the author leading to the writing of Many, But One  including unusual supernatural events, an often terrifying childhood in a haunted house, life after death contact, and more.

Richard Fuller of Metaphysical Reviews has said Hidden Secrets of Many, But One “kept him riveted” and it is quickly becoming much talked about among the paranormally inclined as well as general readers. READ THE FIRST CHAPTER HERE

Get it before it is too late


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