The Safe Way To Use A Ouija Board

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The Returning Ouija Board By Donald Ryles


 The Safe Way To Use A Ouija Board   By Sandy Cristel

You will need:
• 1 Ouija Board
• 1 Candle (preferably white)
• Incense ingredients for burning, incense sticks or aromatic oil for burners (optional)
• Always have 2 or more people present for best results (it is not recommended for beginners to use the board alone)
• Pen and paper
Conditions for a successful séance:
• Only have people present who are serious and respectful. If the board is used without care or in a joking manner, this can attract unwanted and potentially dangerous negative energies and spirits.
• Do NOT drink alcohol or use any mind altering drugs including marijuana!
• Clear your mind of all negative thoughts or distractions. Your mind must be clean and clear.
• Anybody having any psychosis or psychological disorders or persons who are nervous, anxious or have addictive tendencies must not use the board.
• Never ask questions relating to your own death or death of another person.
• Keep your posture straight and do not cross your legs under the table.
• Make sure you visually protect yourself and have faith that you are protected. Imagine a white light surrounding you and your friends. It is always a good idea to make an affirmation before you begin. For example, “With the power of the elements, spirit guides, angels and higher self, I and the users of this board are protected from all negative spirits, entities, energies and influences.” This is what I personally use, but you should say something that resonates personally to yourself.


At first, keep to easy questions that require just a YES or NO answer. It is helpful if one person has a pen and paper and writes down what is being “said”. The best time for a séance is in the evening between 9.00pm and midnight. Ideally it should be dark and quiet outside. If there are more than 2 people then place the board in the middle of the table so that everyone can reach it. If only 2 people are using the board, it is better to place the board on both your knees and sit opposite each other – this allows the energy to flow better.

One person should be the main person to ask any spirits to come forward and talk. This same person should be the one to close the board down at the end too (see “closing down the board”). Everyone should lightly place their fingertips on the planchette. The main person should start by asking for protection against any negative influences (by visualizing a light around you and the participants and asking your spirit guides and higher self or angels to protect you and that you are only willing to communicate with spirits for your/our highest good).
Then ask if there are any spirits that would like to come forward and speak. Something along the lines of “Are there any spirits in the room that would like to speak to us. Please communicate with us by using the board only. When you are ready please move the planchette to YES or move it in circles”. It is safer if you ensure that the spirits only communicate through the board – make it certain that you are in control of the board and either ignore any other spiritual activity in the room (knocks, bangs, tapping, lights etc) or ask the spirit to either use the board or leave.
When you receive contact through the board ensure that you thank the spirit that has come forward (it is very important that you remain at all times with utmost respect and gratitude). When receiving an answer to your question, each letter must be clearly visible in the hole of the planchette – if it is between letters, ask the spirit to reconfirm the letter and it should move to the correct one. ALL fingers (2-4 fingers per person) must remain on the planchette at all times.
It can take up to 15-20 minutes before any spirit will come forward to talk. Remain calm, keep your fingers on the planchette and clear your minds apart from focusing on the planchette. If nothing happens then slowly move the planchette yourselves in large circles around the board a few times, then pause and wait – usually the spirit will take over from here. If you still have no luck after about 45 minutes then close down the board and try it another evening.
Suggestions to ask:
• Asking the name of the spirit is always a good question to start with.
• Occasionally spirits cannot or do not wish to answer certain questions so respect their silence and do not ask the same question over and over again. Ask once, once again to confirm and that is all.
• Ask if the spirit is a good spirit. If the planchette goes to NO, it is advisable to close down the board and wait at least half an hour before attempting to make contact again.
• You can ask any general questions about your own life, for example:
How can I live better? What am I doing wrong? Am I in the right job? What can I do to improve my life/situation etc?
• Note: Take the answers like you would anything else that somebody tells you (alive or dead). Do not revolve your life around answers you may receive as they may be inaccurate.
Closing down the board:
This is extremely important! The board MUST be closed down properly at the end of each and every séance. Start by thanking the spirits for coming forward and talking with you. Wish them peace and say Goodbye. The spirit should move the planchette to GOODBYE and you may pack up the board.
If the spirit does not move the planchette to GOODBYE, then tell the spirit that you are saying goodbye and that you ask they do the same. If the spirit STILL refuses to leave, then you must move the planchette to GOODBYE and in a stern strong voice say GOODBYE and LEAVE out loud. Remove your fingers from the planchette. If you feel that is not enough you can also slam the planchette down on a hard surface (obviously take care not to break it!) or pass it through a candle flame if it is not made of flammable material.
Safety Note:
Do not use the board for longer than an hour and a half. This is exhausting for both yourself and the spirits, and can be harmful.
It is always advisable to “ground” yourself afterwards by eating and drinking something.
The more you use the board the more spirit activity it will create (similar to a magnet). The board can become addictive to some people and this is harmful, not only to your well being but this can also attract unwanted negative energies and bad spirits. It is advisable to not use the board more than twice a week.
Be safe, be successful – but most of all enjoy!

If anybody would like to know even more about using an Ouija board, please feel free to contact me, Sandy Cristel, directly via my website
Sandy Cristel is a life long practicing Traditional Witch and Shamanic Healer Not only is this gifted English lady a psychic healer, a medium and a spiritualist, she is in constant communication with her own spirit guides and dedicates her time to helping others enrich their own lives through universal energies and natural forces.Steve 1MUST CLICK NOW



193 thoughts on “The Safe Way To Use A Ouija Board

  1. Great article, but to be on the safe side, the best way to avoid issues related to Ouija boards, is don’t…. I never open doors until I’m sure who is on the other side…

  2. Ouija boards are a tool. They can be useful if you use them properly but as with any tool misuse leads to bad circumstances. I’ve used the board and other talking boards for several years now with no negative incounters but I completely agree with the methods described here. Everyone who uses talking boards as a method of communication need to be aware that there are several methods and if you aren’t comfortable with one don’t use it and try another if it’s that important to you. Don’t do anything you aren’t completely comfortable with. Another thing to note here is that most horror stories that are told about talking boards stem from misuse, abuse and playing with something that the people who were using the board didn’t understand or know how to deal with so once again know what you are messing with before messing with it.

  3. I’m a firm believer in the saying ” just because you know how to do something, does not mean u should do it”……ive never really had a bad encounter with a ouija board, i remember about fifteen years ago, was using one at a friends house , they threw it away and it ended up on the roof…. my thing is, thats not scary…..we asked a spirit to show themselves to us….. to me that was our answer…….


  4. Dear Hannah and Peyton,
    If nothing happens that means that there are no spirits that wish to talk with you at this time. Do not take it personally. My advice is to be VERY careful…when you do make contact it is not always with something nice. Take heed of what the articles on my post say. And as Dr.Brennan advises in the comments above…consider extremely carefully before you proceed…sometimes it is better to not open doors.
    Best wishes,
    Donald Ryles PhD

    • Don’t ask sexual questions or questions that could reasonably considered invasive or rude. And probably stay away from topics such as death, especially your own.

  5. Dear Ben and Marc,
    The one thing you should never, never, NEVER do is to call a demon or evil spirit. I know a lot of movies make it look “cool” or even fun to deal with Evil, but in real life it is a MUCH different story. I know from experience. When I was young I used a Ouija board and didn’t even call anything evil and ended up with a very bad presence in my room for many years on and off.
    My advice is to be VERY careful if you do decide to use a Ouija and to follow all of the safety rules. Actually my advice would be not to use one at all, but if I say that I am being a hypocrite since I have used them many times with both very bad and very GOOD results.
    Best wishes,
    Donald Ryles PhD

  6. Wow thats actually really really interesting. Well the fact still stands that the ouija board works and that there are alot of users out there practicing this without having an idea what to do. I recently created a blog worth checking out for that. Click on my name

  7. I’m 16 years old and if i buy me a Ouija Board what is the safest way to use one and does it let u talk to the dead if so i want to talk to my father who passed away when i was 8 years old the crazy thing is…is that after my father funeral & after everybody went home my grandmother was sitting on the porch and she wind up on the ground she said she did not know how she got there she had said maybe it was your father telling me to go lay down and another crazy thing is…is that the same night i seen a figure of my father no smile no nothing the same army outfit he had on in the casket that’s the same way i saw him when i close my eyes he was gone and then he was in my bed room NO LIE call me crazy but it is the truth that’s the last time i seen him!! Another crazy thing is my grandmother told me when she was young having fun partying and stuff she said she had saw a figure of her mother with a mean look on her face my grandmother told me that’s when she got her act together and that’s the last time she seen her mother & another thing this is the last one my grandmother told me when she was young round in her 30s she owed her landlord some money but he died before she could have payed him and she said that while she was living there she would see him he did alot of mean stuff while one of her friends where taking a shower her friends said they saw him in the shower and she had fainted!!! they seen him alot in that apartment well my grandmother told me that when she had moved from that apt! they had to tare down that apt! and build another one she said that there were alot of complaints about that apt… grandmother had seen alot of stuff and told me alot of story’s she told me one night when she was on the high way with my aunt it was no cars on the high way 4:00 am in the morning she told me that she had seen a man with no head just body she told me that freaked the hell out of her lol well those are my stories…………..i just want to know how can i communicate with my father the safest way and how do u end the session the safest way this will be my first time using it!!!!!! reply back please!!!!!!

  8. Dear Destiney,
    Thank you for sharing your incredible story.
    My advice would be to very careful using a Ouija board…in fact in your case I would advise against it. If you do use one though use all the advice in the posts here.
    Truly it sounds like if your Father wishes to contact you you will not need a Ouija board at all at this point.
    Best wishes and be careful,
    Donald Ryles PhD

  9. Hellow every body

    Could you help me. I have troubles with your web site. It is working not fast.
    Can somebody help me to solve this problem or explain why it can be so?


  10. Hi,im about to use a Ouija board in a few days probly,a homeade one,is it safe to use a homeade ouija board? should i do it olone or with another person,if i can do it alone will it be safe because i have heard stories of people dieing while using one or severly damaged or hurt,can the spirit possess you? and what do i do if i ask the spirit if it is a good spirit and it says no,how do i close it down and what if it doesnt go away? my email is if anyone needs to know. please answer all my questions or the majority of them because i need to know them befor i use a Ouija board,just to make sure im safe.

    • A home made ouija board is the best kind. Make sure you cleanse the board and properly open a circle to keep all spirits inside protect yourself at all times. Never do it by yourself especially if your new to using one. Yes the spirits can possess you but not if you properly prepare yourself for the séance. To close the board you must thank the spirit and say good bye. If it doesn’t leave move the planchette to goodbye, flip the board over and wave the planchette over the candle.

  11. Hi

    As newly registered user i just want to say hi to everyone else who uses this board 🙂

  12. Hey ppl, i’ve codify when i searched google
    for a depiction and usable forum, and i perceivable to loiter here)
    if you deem my english bad… so be it, i’m unbiased learning

  13. Do you need to clear a board and planchette with a smudg stick or something bofore using it for the first time? How often should this be done? They are old and I am unsure who used them before me. Or is this unnecessary? Thanks!

    • Dear Dave,
      It would be my advice to not use an old board. I would say get a new one or build one of your own design.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  14. Hello all, I read this forum from some months and i’ve found a lot of interesting topics.
    I want to introduce myself – i am Armand Helens and i live in Alaska now. I am 22 years old and i study Machine Engeneering
    in the University of Utah. I don’t know what else to say.. if you have any questions fell free to ask me 🙂

  15. Just saying hello to you all .. Still a bit confused about the goings on here, but I guess I’ll keep poking around.

  16. There is a wooded area down the street from my house where I have had a few encounters with spirits.Is it possible to use a board outdoors and would I go about it in the same manner as you described above?And would it be possible for these spirits to follow me home?And finally,would it be more or less likely to attract a negative spirit?
    Thank you very much,

  17. Hey, I’ve always been interested in this type of stuff. But my parents have FORBID me from using a ouija… I wouldn’t even know where to find one. (I do have a question, just want to share something first)

    My mother, when she was younger, played with a Ouija in a very bad manner and I think attracted a bad spirit. The main user asked when she was going to die, and it said something like “this week” and gave a time. And that week she died in a car accident. I didn’t want to believe it, but my mother is so spooked she won’t discuss it.

    I like to believe there is more then just death, and the over-whelming evidence and testimonials prove it…

    I’ve had too many encounters (without doing a ouija), but the one that spooked me greatly was when i was 10, i was sitting watching TV at midnight by a darkened door to another room with my kitty next to me. (I was calm, relaxed, watching cartoons). And all of a sudden from the dark room i hear a child or a very quiet whisper… the only person home was dad.. asleep… anyways, i looked down at my cat that had puffed his tail and stared at the spot where the whisper came from. I bolted to my dads door, and wouldn’t stop crying.

    Can you attract the devil/REALLY bad spirits? can they posses you? can they hurt you? How can you tell when a spirit is lying? How do they speak via evp with no voice box? Email me please!

    • Dear Amy,
      The experience your mother had I have heard similar stories many times. If the spirit was actually right in what they said or possibly the strong power of suggestion was at work in these cases I do not know. I do know that I have gotten some very somewhat accurate information from Ouija boards …nothing absolute though such as dates of death, etc.
      Yes you can definitely attract bad spirits with Ouija Board . I have experienced it and it isn’t any fun .Most of the time I advise people not to use them , but I feel like a hypocrite when I do since I have used them in the past. I no longer do though. My advice would be if you do use then use all of the precautions posted at my blog. I too have had encounters like you had when you were 10. Cats and dogs are very alert to seeing and hearing the paranormal . To answer your question of how can you tell if a spirit is lying…you really can’t tell . You bring up a very interesting question of how do spirits “talk” if they have no vocal cords . I would imagine that the sounds we hear are more produced as a vibration using energy and not an actual voice as we know it. This would also explain why many EVP’s sound mechanical and robot-like sometimes.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  18. Hello I have become quite interested in the paranormal and I would like to communicate with ghosts but I don’t own a ouija board I could make one but I wouldn’t use it anyway because I’m a little too scared. I want a ghost box but I don’t own one nor do I have to resources to make it. I was just wondering if there was anyway to contact spirits for free. If there is please reply.

    Thank you


  19. ok I decided to make a simple ouija board with yes, no, and goodbye on it. I used a nickel instead of a magnifying glass or whatever. I used it by myself and I was a little nervous and shaky. I put my fingers on the nickel and asked if anyone was there. The nickel moved around a little bit but didn’t go to yes or no or goodbye. I asked a few more times with the same result. I’m not quite sure but I think it was me because I was shaking a little. I decided to try and close the board so I said goodbye and moved the nickel to goodbye because it couldn’t really move on it’s own. Then I threw the piece of paper away and grounded myself by drinking soda and a little bit of water. Do you think I am safe? Did I close the board down correctly? I don’t know if any spirit made contact with me at all so I don’t know if it even matters. Also I did it at 7:22 PM (central time) so it is still light outside. The only thing I did was write yes, no, and goodbye on a peice of paper, grabbed a nickel and tried to use it. Nothing else. Basically what I am trying to ask is, am I in a safe posistion?

    thank you


  20. Hi, why is it best not to use a Ouija board alone???
    not that what you already said didn’t make sense. This is my first time using one and well the people I wanted or person to do it with me. decided not to go through with it, or are extremely terrified. um…I have this strange thing with energy. I would not call it a “gift”, but I can increase the temperature of heat in my hands. When my mom has pain in her legs or a headache I can take the pain away.using my hands which transfers the pain into my hands. when I do it my mom says she feels tingly, but then feels no pain at all. I don’t know what to call this… what I can do with my hands. all I know it has to do with energy,and I don’t know if I’m correct, but that attracts any kind of spirit. I just want to know if I’m OK to do it alone.


    • Dear Jessi,
      It sounds as if you are a natural healer. That is a GREAT thing to be . You can help a lot of people . I cannot really tell you not to do the Ouija alone as I have done it in the past myself. I will say that Ouija’s can truly be dangerous even when used with other people. My advice is to always be very careful and take precautions.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  21. hell my name is hunter and im not sure what happened i did an Ouija board with my friend and we started to talk to hitler because i was doing research anyways after i got all of my questions done i said good bye and it said no i said it again then it said no then started to count down the alphabet and numbers doing figure eight s also then i tried moving my shot glass on goodbye then the board stated to float so me and my friend had a fire near his house and we threw it in the fire and i heard a scream im really nervous most people don’t believe me so what do i do plz help thank hunter

    • Dear Hunter,
      I can fairly safely say that you were not talking with Hitler. You most likely made contact with a spirit that was tricking you and trying to scare you. Sadly many spirits like to lie and mess with the living . I feel that you have probably heard the last of this spirit. If you do not have any strange happenings around your house don’t worry about it any further.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  22. Hi all!

    I`m new user on this forum. My name is Sharon I`m 23 yo girl from New York.

    I hope to have good time here

    • I hope you enjoy it here Sharon and be sure to tell all of your friends interested in the paranormal about the blog.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  23. Hello I was wondering why it is said that one should not burn a Ouija board and if it is done what happens?

    I owned a Ouija once and got so upset at it that I threw the “pointer” in a neighbor’s bushes and the board down the street in hopes they wouldn’t find the other again. I know it’s easy to use a used board with a shot glass etc. but again IF one was to burn one what would be the result and why is it wrong?

    • Dear Haunted,
      There is a belief by some that burning a Ouija Board will leave the doorway or portal that you might have opened to stay open . I am not sure I agree since I feel that a board works mostly through the users and will only work through users . I really see no need to burn one though. If you wish to get rid of it dispose of it as you would anything else…BUT then again when I was young I threw a board away and it returned to my closet a few days later. I believe that was due though to my connection to the entities I had contacted on the board and not the board itself. I know many will disagree with me on this point but I feel that the board in and of itself is powerless…its contacts come through the users.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

      • Basically the most common belief amongst some users of the boards is that if one burns the board, it will ‘scream’ and whoever hears the scream would die within 12 months. now i don’t personally believe this but best to be safer than sorry right. if you want to dispose of a board just lock it away in a cupboard.

  24. hello i have just talked to a spirit on the board and it said it was a nice spirit i asked it to spell it’s name and it spelled FAEJVm i asked were the letters right and it pointed to yes, i asked how many girls were in the room and it pointed to right number i asked it age 53 then i asked if it would leave and point to goodbye and thanked him and he pointed right down the board but the magnigying glass wouldn’t show goodbye in it so it took the pointer at the eft corner turned it side ways so and then scrolled the magnigying glass on goodbye is this spirit gone and while i did this i was shivering but not feeling cold was it a spirit or just my concious and is the spirit gone.

  25. Hi I’m using the ouija board since one year. My girlfriend and I always get answsers that make no sense.Half of the informations that the spirits give are false like dates or familly relationships So I want to know if you can give me tips or advice to make contact with our real spirit guide or any other spirit that could teach us something or at least to receive true informations if possible.

    thank you

    • Dear Nibiru,
      What you describe is very common when using Ouija Boards . Much of the information that people get from boards is false or frivolous . It seems that many spirits ( and some feel sometimes Demons) that are contacted through the Ouija are malicious and want to mis inform you intentionally, while others do it in a mischievous childlike way. In other words some are truly evil while others are playful. My first experience with a Ouija was a bad one. I am sure the contact was evil if not Demonic in nature.
      I really can’t think of any advice to give you as to contacting good and true spirits though the board. Others who are reading this may be able to. My best advice is to always be serious when using the board…not to mean that you can’t have humor but just don’t put down the spirit or call it stupid or anything along that line. Spirits are just like us( we will all be spirits one day), they have feelings and some are good and some are bad…and Demonic contacts are a whole other story together. I usually these days discourage using boards altogether, but since I have used them in the past I don’t want to be a hypocrite and tell you not to, Just be careful and take the information you get from them with a grain of salt.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  26. Hey there!

    Okay so my friends and I made a board for fun just to see if this would work. Well it worked and we have spoken to 5 different spirits in the past 2 days. A american soldier, died in 1915, a girl kayla 1985,from California, etc. One spirit said that it was in the room and that it travels through light. We asked what color my sweater was and ofcourse it new!

    Okay that was all fine and good until tonight when we used it, we asked what this new spirits name was it began to say
    S-A-T-A– we moved the pacheetete thing to goodbye before it could finish. Was this and evil being or a playful spirit just playing? And are we safe? Can spirits follow you home after a conversation or is connetction only made through the board?

    • Dear Madin,
      It was most likely a mischevious spirit and nothing to worry about. Spirits can follow you home from one place to another but most always they do not .
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  27. hi, just read through the article to freshen up on how to do a session on a Ouija board. and thought i would leave my past experiences for people to contemplate.
    it is a long story however. so bare with me.

    right well back in the summer of 2007, i was living in a hostel as part of the st Matthews housing in great Yarmouth, England. My girlfriend at the time kayleigh was one of them people, like me, who could sense when there is something in a house, and when i moved into this place she mentioned. a few weeks went on and we noticed the spirit in the house never came down the stairs, though he had a strong presence. along with this spirit there were 2 others, but we couldn’t tell who they were. anyway after living there for about 6 weeks my friend Viki moved in and we all sat down and spoke about the weird goings on in the house. we came up with the idea of conducting a Ouija board seance in Viki’s room as it was the closest to the attic (which we believed to be the main source of presence me and kayleigh got) i did some research into the Ouija before hand, read a lot about other peoples experiences and advice. also stumbled across a few incantations for protection, opening and closing the board. we managed to get a lot of white candles, and put them in a circle around the three of us, we made our own board with a blackboard and paint and used a glass ashtray as the pointer. so we was all set to go.

    i thought it be best to start at about 2am, as if anyone has a belief will understand that witching hour is at 3am, and this is when spirits are most active (based on pass experiences). by time we had done everything and had it set up it was 245am, we started to open the board, kayleigh lead the session, we started by moving the pointer in a circle just to warm the glass up. she then asked ‘are there any spirits in the house that would like to talk’ we very quickly got a figure of eight motion with pointer, so we closed the board and waited 10 minutes before trying again this time with the protection incantation.

    so 3am, kayleigh opened the board again and asked the same question, this time the pointer went to yes. so she asked ‘thank you, may we know your name?’ in which the spirit spelled ‘Anne’ she then asked her age, Anne replied ‘8’. we continued to ask her when and how she died. which we got ‘1948’ and ‘fire’. kayleigh then asked ‘is there anyone else with you at all?’. Anne replied yes, and spelled out ‘brother’ so we asked his name and how old he was which his name was Dick, otherwise known as richard, and he was 6, he died the same night Anne did from what we gather on the board. We heard a bang outside on the landing where this other spirit seemed to stay, and all of a sudden Anne said goodbye, so we thanked her and said goodbye and closed the board.

    now this is where it got a little weird, for a few nights after Viki was having horrible dreams, almost like flashbacks, of a burning house and screaming inside. i stayed with her a few nights just to make her feel safe, but there wasn’t a presence in her room. Anyway about 4 nights after we did the Ouija board Kayleigh stayed at my house, it was a pretty normal night, watched a few movies, had a bit of a laugh with Viki. but when me and kayleigh went to go to sleep, i got up to go to the bathroom. when i returned to my room, kayleigh was dozing off, with her arms pressed up against her chest, i went to get a drink from the kitchen down the hall. i returned to my room and as i went to sit on the bed, kayleigh said ‘be careful of the little girl, never mind she moved for you’ i thought nothing of it. then as i went to get into bed, kayleigh started making noise’s and her arms where pushed out almost as if she was cuddling something. i noticed a weird sensation like i did the night we did the Ouija board, so i grabbed my phone and recorded what was being said, i asked if she was okay a few times, finally saying ‘kayleigh, are you okay babe?’ she then replied with ‘why do you keep calling me that? its not my name’ so i said ‘okay, who are you then?’ which she replied ‘my names Anne’ so i went through the questions we had asked the other night, age, date on which she died etc etc. Richard was there as well he was in the corner of my room by the door. when i asked why she was here she replied with ‘do you know where mummy is?’ and that was it she was gone. Kayleigh woke up and i played her what i had just experienced and she remember as she was dozing off seeing a little girl running past my door clutching a teddy.

    it was a very weird night for us both. the next day i decided to do some research into the house, and in turns out in 1948 there was a house fire in which a little girl Anne aged 8 and her brother Richard aged 6 died along with there parents. after that night we didn’t see or here anything from the two. but it is something that i could never forget.

    i know this story may seem unreal to a lot of people, but i assure you that this is nothing but truth. Ouija boards if treated properly can be very useful tools, but if you mistreat them, you will surely get some very nasty experiences from them.
    always be careful in how you use them and what you use them for. and above all else, have respect for the dead and be polite.

    i will definitely be using one again, as i am very interested in these sorts of things. but i do advice if its your first time, do it with someone who has experience or read up on them a lot before hand.

    anyway sorry for the length. hope you find this useful in some way.

  28. Hi!
    I’ve used the ouija board many times with my sister and her friends. Most of the time it works, and one time, we were talking to someone and I forgot what his name was but he kept talking about killing someone and we asked who and he said Brett Holst, which was my sister’s friend’s boyfriend. We were very frightened. Then he said “Alex, Molly, and Kaylee(which were our names), I am your worst nightmare. Then we ran out of the room screaming. We have never heard of that same spirit since but I am still scared at the thought of that.
    There was another encounter where we were talking to a spirit and we asked him to blow out a candle and he asked us to leave the room for 5 minutes. We asked if he was going to harm the house and he said yes. Then he changed his mind and said no, so we left. and when we came back, nothing happened. So he kept saying give me more time and he never did anything.
    I just want to make sure that we didn’t do anything wrong and everyone is safe. Do you think we were talking to a demon?
    Thank you!

    • Dear Molly,
      I believe it was probably a mischevious spirit and not a demon. A lot of the spirits you contact on the Ouija will lie and do all sorts of things, but I believe if it is a true demon you would know it . I always advise people to be very careful whne they use Ouijas though.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  29. hey hows it going? the other day, me and my girlfriend were using my ouija board to try and contact our deceased grandmothers. it seemed that we were talking to them by the things we asked but, how can we be totally positive that we’re definitely speaking with the people wwe asked to speak to? and is it bad to ask the spirit to try and move thing or makes noises?

    • Dear Yaz,
      Some say it is more dangerous to use a Ouija board on Halloween. Not so much that there is any difference between Oct. 31 and any other day of the year…but because there is so much energy directed to the paranormal and supernatural on Halloween. If I used one I would do so with great care.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  30. Are you being serious? their is no way to do a Ouija board safely. Think of it this way if you do the Ouija board you most likely believe in God, do u think God would let a spirit walk in limbo around the earth waiting for people to communicate with them via a Ouija board? Or do u think the devil would let them walk in limbo… no the devil try to scape every soul he can in at every cost he would no waste one letting it roam freely. No matter how you do the Ouija Board you are communicating straight to the devil opening door ways through you mind that shouldn’t be opened. By all means do the Ouija board but beware after you have done it expect your life to take strange twists that you would rather not happen.

  31. Hi, i have never used a board before but i have been doing research on how to do this the safest way possible but i keep psyching myself out. but could u give me any advice on how to do this sort of thing. thanks appreciate it much
    – NICK

    • Dear Nick,
      My advice would be to follow the advice in the article, but sadly the truth is that there is no way to be 100% safe when using a Ouija board. You truly never know what kind of door you might open or what you might invite into your life…even not meaning to. Even people who are very experienced with using boards are never completely safe.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  32. hi, a couple of people i work with and i believe that there is a presence at a restaraunt we work at. we have been curious to contact the spirits that might be there, but we are wondering if we should be contacting them at the restaraunt? thanks

    • Dear Brooke,
      I could not advise you to contact them at all. If they want to make their presence known…as you feel they have…that is great. If you do however want to use a Ouija it would be best to do it at the restaraunt and not at your or a co-workers home.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  33. hey, i have been thinking of using a ouija board for a couple of months now, ever since i have moved into my new house my dog has been acting strangely. Strange things started happening after a week or so, in the living room my dog would stare at the same spot every night, she would get excited and wag her tail and start barking, this would go on for about 30minutes and it drives me crazy lol!
    But lately its been getting worse, i wake up in the middle of the night to hear my dog barking, so i would go down stairs and she would be staring at the same spot, this happens just about every night.
    Should i try using a ouija board and see what happens?

    • Dear Megan,
      I really don’t personally suggest using the Ouija Board myself….I have had many bad experiences in the past. If you do use one follow the suggestions in the post you read…The safe way to use a Ouija Board. It sounds like to me that the activity you are having you could talk directly to them( the ghost or entity) . Just try talking to them like you would a living person…ask what they want and tell them that they are disturbing your sleep and would they please stop. You might be surprised at the results . Oftentimes just to aknowledge them and ask them to please stop and they will. See what happens.
      My cats see things in my house…sometimes they walk around things I can’t see and a dog I had for many years would see things and bark so I know what you are talking about.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

      • thanks for your reply, is it normal that it happens around the same time every night? have you heard of any experience where the dogs turn violent? i have been doing research about this and heard a few experiences of this on the internet, but they could just be stores, thanks for your tips they are very useful

  34. Hi Mr Rhyles,

    I have long been interested in Ouija boards, and today out of instinct bought one in a board game shop. However, having done some more research the warnings against using the boards are very distressing.

    Since buying the board I have opened it, just to check everything was in it, then packed it away in my cupboard. It may seem paranoid, but am I at risk already, or are you only at risk once you make contact with spirits?

    My final question: if I do end up using the board, and I follow your posted instructions to the letter, to what extent am I reducing the risk? I am aware of your warnings against the board, by the way. I am still unsure if I want to use the board, but I would appreciate your opinions and recommendations.

    • Dear Max,
      I do not believe there is any danger in owning or even opening a Ouija Board. There could be danger with an old used board depending on what it had been used for…but a new one in my opinion is safe.
      As to your other question I am always kind of torn as to what to answer. I used Ouija Borads for many years and receieved much valuable insight through them, but I also had many very bad and distressing happenings involving them. So to tell people not to use them I feel like a hypocrite…but I do just say if you use them be safe. As to what extent you reduce your risks by following the safety rules I could not say, but any safety is a good thing.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

  35. Dr Rhyles,

    Thanks for the advice. For your information, the board is completely new and unused.
    Eventually I will use the board, I have decided. However I will take every precaution to use the board safely, including the advice you posted.
    I’m meticulous by nature, so I insist on doing my research before doing anything, however I can understand how many people can screw it up. Advice appreciated. Thank you.

  36. I made my own ouiji board and used it by myself in my room, i have never used a ouiji board but i wanted to try it so i asked if there were any spirits that would like to talk to me and it moved to yes then i asked what its name was and it spelled out a-l-v-y then i asked if it was a good spirit and it started moving faster and it went to know then i said im going to leave now goodbye and then it moved to goodbye, am i safe? is their anything else i should do, should i use it alone??

    • Dear Patrick,
      I believe you are safe but I would advise to not use a board alone . I ususally adise to not use boards but if you are going to be safe.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Donald Ryles

  37. Dear Dr. Rhyles…
    I have used a oujia board 4 times in my life. The first two weren’t very serious (i was with some rude people) and i apologized profusely and closed down the board. i said goodbye and the planchette moved accordingly. The third time we contacted a spirit successfully and we were very safe. We used white candles, said the affirmations, and were very polite. I asked the name of the good spirit and it said e-r-i-c. a boy named Eric committed suicide at our school two months ago and he was very popular. It proceded to spell out correct answers to questions. We all loosened up and “Eric” as the spirit allowed us to call it even joked around with us. At first we were crying but then we all laughed. Would a spirit pretend to be Eric? And how would it know all those personal things? I got some very good answers from the board and I hope it was really him and he really knew. What do you think?

    • Dear Joanne,
      It very well could have been Eric, but it also could be a lying spirit . Many of the contacts on Ouija boards are mischevious and even lie and they do often know things that seem impossible fo rthem to know. My thought is that they actually get the information from our minds. Like if you are trying to contact your Grandmother you will be thinking things about her . I ususally advise against Ouija since they can be dangerous and are very inaccurate in many cases.

      Best wishes,
      Dr. Donald Ryles

  38. I’ve been thinking about using a ouija board just to see what happens. I don’t want to go out and buy one so I was wondering what’s the best way to set up a home-made one? What’s the best materials to use for it?

    • Dear Jake,
      A Ouija board can be made out of most any material, but usually wood is the best .I have heard that the best way to chose what to use is to use what feels “right” to you. If you feel a certian kind of wood is best…use it.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Donald Ryles

  39. hi Dr. Ryles

    My Fiancee has been told by several mediums that her grandmother is constantly by her side. She has heard that you can get yes/no answers by using a family wedding ring on a piece of string and a circle means yes and straight line means no. Anyway the other night she tried it and all the questions she asked gave out yes and no answers including naming names of family members correctly. I must admit I was amazed as the ring certainly did seem to be moving on its own and also could see it move on the string like it was being pushed. Anyway the spirit claims to be her grandmother and she asked should we use a ouija board to commmunicate better and the ring made really big circles. We also asked if it would be safe using and it said no. But every time we asked should we use it it said yes. Ive read up on the board and how to protect yourself but am still concerned as I know my mother always warned me about them as she did one years ago in school with friends and contacted her uncle who she didnt know but he told her something that only he could have known as she didnt even know, she only found out what it meant when she told her father.
    Anyway sorry for the long message but I suppose Im just wondering if the ring moving is real and if it could have been her gran and also could it be another spirit trying to trick us into using the ouija board. Thanks for your time George

    • Dear George,
      By the spirit saying it would not be safe to use a board and then saying to do it anyway I would seriously doubt it was her Grandmother. I would say if several mediums have felt her Grandmother constantly by her side that if her Grandmother wants to get a message to her she will not need a Ouija board 🙂
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  40. Dear Dr. Ryles,

    My friends and I were using the Ouija board earlier tonight, and when asked “Are we disturbing you?” the man-John-answered “Yes”. When asked should we leave he said “Yes”… Should we go to his grave tomorrow/soon and leave flowers? Do you think he would be aware? Will you explain the spiritual realm to us?


    • Dear Isabella,
      I am sorry to say that the information received on Ouija boards is often very unreliable. Often times mischevious…or even evil…entities will lie and say things to scare or mislead you. You very well may have not been talking to John at all. As to should you go to his grave and leave flowers…by all means do. I believe that John will know that you have visited his grave…It just may be that it wasn’t him you spoke to.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  41. Dr. Ryles,I was wondering if I’m possessed, i have like.. a way with fire and water, say there’s a campfire, i can put my hand up to it and pull it toward my hand, same thing with waster. but the other night i made a fire just to play around with it and pull it, and when i put my hand up to it, it was like an explosion, fire shot up to my hand and i got mild burns. I was wondering if i was possessed by a demean that allows me to do this. If i am, should i use a oujia board to talk to it?

    • Dear Kevin,
      I do not believe you are possessed by a Demon. If you were possessed…or connected with…a Demon you would most likely feel a lot of negativity and confusion within yourself. It sounds to me as if you have a quite amazing gift. It sounds like you just need to learn to control it. I have never dealt with anyone having abilities like you do but I imagine it is in the field of psychokinetic/telekinetic ability. Please look into psychokenisis/telekinisis.I am sure you can learn to use your gift in some positive way. If anyone reading this knows more on how Kevin can learn to control and use this ability please feel free to post.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  42. Hello everyone. I am new and thought I would introduce myself. I do not know if this is the appropriate place to put this, but I’ve been on the lookout for somewhere to relax and browse some good discussion. I believe will solve this!

    I have got to head off now, but am looking for some exceptional reading. Take care!

  43. As soon as school lets out, me and a few of my friends plan on taking a trip to a haunted hotel (not a corny fake one, a real one). We were thinking of doing a seance/ouija board session. The thing is, there are probably a lot of angry/evil spirits there because of its history. We thought of this and were planning on trying to call forth a little girl named Sara (maybe five or six) who died there when she fell down a flight of stairs because we figured that she probably wouldn’t be that ‘evil’, but now I’m starting to get worried. Firstly, there’s a place there that used to be an asylum. There were a lot of people who died there slowly and painfully. They’ve had no activity there, and they don’t want to stir anything up. So neither do I. And from researching everything, it seems like there’s really no way to control who comes to the ouija board. There’s also no guarantee that Sara’ll be a good spirit either, but from the article above, ti does seem to say that there is a chance we can cut off the communication if anything bad happens.

    Still, this would be our first time ever attempting something like this, and I’m extremely worried (especially about one of my friends; she has a hard time being serious and she really likes to do investigating in the asylum).

    Any advice?

    • Dear Sarah,
      I would highly advise you NOT to use a Ouija board in the hotel. It could be very dangerous to open a doorway at a place like you descibe. If you do want to go on an investigation there find someone who is experienced and knowledeable in Paranormal investigations and ask them to take you along. If you do go by all means have fun, but you should not make jokes about or at the spirits…remember they are just like you only in spirit form. If your one friend cannot understand that she probably shouldn’t go with the group.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Donald Ryles

      • Okay, thanks! We’re thinking of now maybe doing one at a friend’s house when we get back, but we’re going to do a lot more research and practice a lot (not with a reaql Ouija board, obviously) to see if we think we can really handle it. If not, we won’t do it; human spirits are one thing, but we don’t think demons are a good thing to mess with.

  44. Okay, my sister bought one a few years ago and we would always get the same spirit on there. It was never bad or anything. And we all would get the same person (mom, sister, and I). My sister gave it away so it’s gone. We never had problems with them (well, I haven’t). And its been a couple of years.
    So, I just made one out of paper and used a penny. At first I asked “do you walk in the light of God?” it said no, I said goodbye and it said goodbye. I ripped that one up.

    Over an hour later I made another one, and I asked the same Question. It was going to yes, then turned around and said goodbye. I said thank you and goodbye. Is there any reason for it doing this? I’m not going to try again since it said that. How long should I wait?

    And I prayed “our father” after every time by the way.

  45. Hi!sorry but i had not time to read all the comments so, i dont know if this question was asked before.
    Can i set the board outside the house?i am afraid that it will cause negative energy in my house.I read a lot of stories and they said that it opened a door and an evil spirit came into the house.

  46. Oh,i would like to know and something else:what should i do after the use of a homemade Ouija made of paper?i mean should i burn it?or throw it away and make a new one whenever i want to ?please answer me …i am puzzled…thank you.
    (sorry for possible mistakes)

  47. my best friend was murdered 8 years ago and i still cant rest. i used a ouija board homemade when i was 14 years old and had evil come to me for years until i saw my families sprital healer and it left me, but his vesel is too weak to let esra in the sperit in. i will make a ouija board and use it with only me. if you can advise me as last time it was a joke but we never closed it down at all and i felt very much evil the other 3 didnt. i need to know if my friend can communicate to me via a ouija board. please reply asap. thankyou

    • Dear Sara,
      I would highly advise against using a Ouija Board in this case. If your friend wants or needs to communicate with you you will not need a Ouija. If you feel a strong need to contact your friend I would advise seeking an experienced psychic to aid you.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  48. sup folks… i was super impressed the first time i used the board… i was with my sisters boyfriend… and well it was spectacular nonetheless to say the least… and idk… i tried it again just a little bit ago and to no prevail… no contact… tried candles and incense with a dim room… it was a big waste of time so now all i can say about the board is is that it is fake… i do believe in the paranormal and an after life… but i think it is just one person messing with another

  49. The acting medium in a Ouija seance does not properly close the board at the termination of the session. This person passes on a time later. Being the session’s medium and therefore responsible for closing, is the seance still “open”? How does one close a board properly, without them?

  50. Hello! Well, I came to this site on accident. I am interested in using a Ouija Board, however, and would like to know something… as I am actually quite a bit scared to do it…
    One day, a few years ago, my older sister (a very tough military girl who teaches mma) and her best friend went on a trip south of where we live. It was a calm trip, mainly about archaeology and history and such. The only quirk was that the hotel they were staying in was supposedly haunted. They took pictures, occasionally coming up with some glare or blobs of light. Well, one night, my sister bought a ouija board for them to play with. They sat on the floor of their *haunted* room, with no response from their board for a good ten minutes. Eventually, however, the pointer thingy moved over h-e-l-o (missing an l in hello, they presumed. My sister asked its name. It sat still, and then moved to R-l-f. (Rolf?) She then asked its age. It moved rather quickly to the number 7. Shocked that it even worked, and being the skeptic she was, she thought it was either her moving her hand involuntarily or her friend playing around. She decided to continue…
    She asked if he was a nice spirit. It paused, and moved to yes. She then continued by asking loads of pointless questions and such, about life and where he was from. She then asked if she could ask a personal question. It slowly moved to yes. She asked how he died. It spelled out f-t-h-e-r. (Father with no A.)
    This bothered her. She asked who his father was. No response. Asked again, and received no response. She asked if there were other spirits present. It moved to yes. She asked if any were negative. It moved to yes, and then no. She was a little scared now, and asked if any of the spirits wanted to harm her or her friend. It moved towards yes, stopped, and moved to the center of the board. She asked who his father was, and the pointer paused. Slid to the left, and then very rapidly swapped between the letters N and Z over and over and over again. NZNZNZNZ.

    She was very frightened now, and asked if something demonic was involved. It moved to goodbye. She was very scared (as was her friend), and closed the board. They went to sleep, and came home the day after. My sister returned home, and immediately complained that she felt sick.
    She was very seclusive and asocial for a few days, and soon I received a call from my mother about her. She told me that my sister had not been well and I need to talk to her. I went to talk to her and asked her what was up. Shetold me about the night before and about what had happened the night she got home, and continuously every night she slept in her own room (she stopped sleeping in her room)
    Apparently, when she came home, she went to her room and felt a strange presence. She turned off the light. She explained to me that she went to sleep, and woke up sometime around 2 am. She was frozen, and could not move. She knew she was awake and not dreaming. She heard what sounded like a growl and great pressure was immediately put on her chest and she said she could feel a hand holding her wrist down. She said it felt like it was burning. Even as she spoke of it she was teary eyed. She said she saw dog-like eyes everywhere she looked at night, and she refused to sleep in her room for months after the incident. She no longer complains, but now she warns me to never touch a ouija board, as she felt that whatver happens mustve been demonic. Now I’m just enthralled and want to do it…

    I don’t feel she was lying, at all. She is very truthful. Please help, I want to know what happened and what I can do to avoid such a situation. Thanks.

    • Hello Sudz,

      I’ve had similar experiences with this, but instead of the N, it would go to A.

      This one is a very bad spirit and likes to pop up frequently when I use Ouija, last night themoment it went from the Z to the A I instantly said, “this is now over” and flipped the planchette over closing the window completely. Then I boxed up the board and we cleansed the room.

      I’ve asked about this before and A and Z is the beginning and the end, quite presumptuous if you ask me.

      Just do yourself a favor and don’t let your board count down from 0-1 or Z all the way down to A.


    • I used to use the board a lot when I was younger. At first it was fun and it would tell me the truth. I used it with two different people at different locations. After awhile we kept getting I believe a bad spirit. Then it got worse It kept going to ZNZN very fast we new that wasn’t good, being young and stupid the first time we did try to communicate with it for a second. It didn’t work Thank goodness. Every time we tried to use the board after that he was the first to come through, we always said goodbye right away. To tell you the truth those letters to this day gives me the willies, I don’t even say them. About a year ago I was watching a show about spirits and they were talking about this one called ZOZO (that to is going to be the only time i put that name down) immediately my hair stood up. He is very very bad. I wondered if because it was moving so fast we got the letters wrong. Your story sounds a lot like bad dude from the research I did.

      I know it’s years ago now, but is your sister ok? By the way funny but not funny, years ago after bad guy I swore I threw out the board. My cousin told about six months ago she found it in her closet. She told me she’s giving it back. I said hell no throw it out.

    • I know it’s now 2016. Wondering how your sister is doing now. I believe we contacted the same thing. I was 19-20 at the time I’m 37 now. I can’t even say those letters they give me the creeps.

  51. I merely wished to officially say “Hi there” to everyone here. In my opinion , that this appears like an unusually appealing place to be online.

    I cannot wait to begin. Do you have any sort of guidance for someone in the beginning stages? Any certain section that you would advise more versus others to begin?

    I want to to share with you a quote that i have often found to be tremendously motivational in order to start formal introductions:

    Never believe in mirrors or newspapers. ~Tom Stoppard

  52. well i watched paranormal activaty and thought it was unbelivable how these bad spirits can do things: like drag her out the bed, breath on her and all different things even lead her and her boyfriend to the loft! It set there oujia board on FIRE but are all those things true or not cause i dont know if bad spirits can do things like that or can they?

  53. I used the board and we talked to a deceased loved one then when we were done an angry spirit came and refused to leave. He said he was coming with negativity so I asked polietly for him to leave and said goodbye. We were freaked out about the angry spirit that we left the board in the floor with the pointer on it, it move without us being around it. Is it bad to leave the pointer on the board while not using it?

  54. Following the guidance that has been posted on various internet sites, I’ve been using the board for a few months. I always had reasonably good luck with making contact, sometimes I would get more than one being at a time and they interrupt each other, it was hard to keep track of who I was speaking with sometimes. I found that some of the spirits would say that were good spirits and were telling me basically what I wanted to hear. When I would what I felt was a negative being I would end the communication.

    The last time I used it, I was told that I was speaking with my spirit guide. The being answered my questions and then said that God did not want man using the board, it told me to go live a happy like and not to contact it again because God did not approve of us communicating. I’m curious on what your thought about this are.

  55. when you say you had a bad spirit in your room for year what happened ?
    and also, when you did the board that made you start having the bad experience, we’re you doing it in your room ? or did you do it somewhere else and it came with you ?

  56. I’m thinking about buying a wigiboard. I’ve never used one before. I do believe in spirits seeing as I have seen them and felt them.

    I was wondering if it is ok to use outdoors/outside.

    Which are the best insence sticks to use to invite the spirit and also the best one to keep us safe and the best one to end the session.

    How do you clean and clear your mind.

    Also if some-one-else in the group suffers from psychosis or psychological disorders or is nervous, anxious or have addictive tendencies; and or dosen’t take it serious; and or is drinking alcohol and or using drugs. Will they only be effected or will the whole group be effected.
    I read somewhere where it says ‘Never ask questions relating to your own death or death of another person.’ Dose that mean someone who is still living or dose it mean someone who has died.

    Sorry for all the questions, but I need to know, and if I do this I want to keep myself and others safe too. I’ve already had one encounter with a old man in a white suit and white hat who was around me all the time for many weeks, who scared the S* out of me it wasn’t until I told my mum and partner at the time about him that he vanished and I haven’t seen him since (the ghost I mean) I ended my relationship with my partner many years later.

  57. Hi Me and my 3 friends want to have an Ouija board party, i guess you could say, how do you make a Ouija Board homemade.

  58. Hi. My friend thinks she has spirits in her room, and has been scared to sleep because of it. We want to contact those ghosts, so I’m borrowing my aunt’s Ouija board. I’m really nervous and have 3 questions for you.
    1. Is there safety in numbers for this?
    2. Will I get followed home? I’m really terrified of being posessed or followed to my house.
    3. My friend has been really freaked out, so is there a nice way (if a spirit is present) to ask it to leave?
    Please help me.

  59. well hiiii i have been on this site reading alot of the posts and i was just doing so because i wanted to know the safest ways ok using the board…because my ma just hppened to have plopped one on my bed..i was checkin for the date but didnt find one..the price sticker looked old and said 2.29. he box looked old and the dictions looked old and it had, instead of picture, drawing of boy girl with the baord on their knees like suggested in the directions. when their wasnt pictures in the 50’s they use drawings and i tend to get alot of antiques from my ma so how do i know if my board is old or not?

  60. i wanna know because i heard that the old boards may be bad and not knowing what it was used for scares me because yes i took it out to examine it looking for the date all i got was that its from salem, mass.

  61. Hi me and my friends have just used a ouija board and we asked it a few questions and it went to evil,we moved it to goodbye and said we are leaving now rest in peace,did we close it properly,I am really scared please help

  62. Hey My name is Emily. I am a christian and a Strong believer in God, but I am oddly interesting in Ouija boards. I want to try one out, but me being a christian and Knowing past experiences with evil, im afraid of what might happen. Can I do this (with several people) Safely without worrying about loosing faith or anything happening to me?

  63. Hi I am 13, I have recently found out about ouija boards. I am very interseted in them. I would like to try one. Do you think Iam to young? Also I live in St. Augustine does this help to reach spirts? Please message me back.

  64. hello my name is Cole Jenkins from missouri. I was messing around with a ouiji board and it said it was a demon and was very hostile. it would not let me leave the conversation and i ended up having to force the planchette to goodbye and shout good bye and leave, following slamming the planchette on a hard surface and putting it over a candle flame. but what it said during the conversation really hit home. it said H-A-L-E-C-O-L-E and that i was meant to be great but in a evil way. it didnt help that a month before this i smoked this weird stuff called K2 and had a seizure for an hour and a half. i quit getting messed up that day but while i was kinda out of my body images kept flitting in front of me and around me for what seemed like eternity. A gigantic, half-lidded eye was staring at me in the background of each image and when it blinked, it felt like my bones were set on fire. it got to the point where i was screaming in my head that i wasnt human and there was no possible way i could be after that experience. i just have so many questions about this stuff and its terrifying yet intruiging at the same time. please help me…

  65. I just read through all the responses on this blog. I am truly fascinated by the way everyone on here views spirituality. Surely if you are using a ouija board and obviously believe in spirits and good and evil and demons etc. you would believe in God? Why aren’t you asking questions about afterlife? what to expect, is there heaven and hell? are you in hell? are you in purgatory? I wonder why you would leave it at this. Why don’t you pursue the truth and a religion since you believe in the supernatural. aren’t you worried about the fate of your own spirit/soul?
    I would also like to say to all the people who feel there are presences in their house to ask a priest to come and bless the house. I would be very surprised if that didn’t bring the spirit peace and they would leave you alone.
    I don’t think a ouija board is good and I agree with Dr. Ryles that it is risky and dangerous. If you believe in spirits what good is using a ouija board? You know that information is likely to be unreliable and that there are some terrifying consequences. It is unnecessary. If you want contact with your spirituality I would suggest finding a church. You cannot go wrong with God. There are no risks involved.

    A good book I would suggest people on here to read is ‘Get us out of here!’ by Nicky Eltz interviewing Maria Simma. Maria was an austrian woman who spoke frequently with ghosts who she could see and talk face to face with. Her story is truly amazing and she never used a ouija board. Most of the time she would communicate messages to family and friends of the spirits and have masses and prayers said for the souls so that they could move from purgatory to heaven. If you’re interested in spirits, this book is a great place to start and you will find you don’t have to use dangerous methods like ouija boards to contact the supernatural. You can even speak to your guardian angel. talk out loud and they can hear you, they can’t read your thoughts. Pray to God, pray to Our Lady and they will guide you in the right direction.

    God bless

  66. Guy .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your site and take the feeds alsoI am glad to search out numerous helpful information right here within the publish, we want develop more techniques in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  67. Hello, I’m fifteen years old and I just used a ouija board with my little sister9she’s only eight). Now previously, after reading this, I’ve made some not-so-smart decisions, but this time without even reading this I followed all the rules, good for me I guess. But, I had a very strange encounter this time and I had a few questions…
    Okay, so I think I got a prankster, but everything seemed very good-natured, there was nothing very scary just peculiar. But, just to make sure, what are your thoughts on a spirit that’s not from this world? This spirit kept spelling things that made no sense(such as his name or where he was from) and when I asked him if it was English he would say no. If I would ask him what language it is, I would get another jumble of letters-then I asked if this language was from Earth and they said no.
    This is where I think I got a prankster, I asked him to spell something in English and of all things, the spirit spelled out ‘fudge’.
    Then he proceeded to tell me that I was an alien(whether of this world or a different country I’m not sure), in a past life of course. I’m a bit skeptical on life forms on other planets, but I played along. Then, out of the blue, he spelled my first name, then my sisters first name, and then our last name. The funny thing is though, he used my nickname. I go by Katie, but my real name is Sara-I go by my middle name. Now no one had actually said my name, I had said my sisters name though a few times to instruct her on what to do. But how he knew my last name I wouldn’t know.
    He said that he had never lived here. Now when I asked that I had meant in this house, but looking at it he could have meant this world. He said he knew me in my past life, but not my sister or my mother(who I just had to ask about because she seems to know everyone).
    Then another weird thing happened that I can’t really explain. My board is just a store bought board, nothing special, and it says ‘Mystifying Oracle’ underneath Ouija, I’m not really sure why. So we had a moment where we weren’t really asking anything, I was about to ask Theresa(my sister) if she had any questions and the planchette moved over the word oracle. I was the main person talking since my sister was just amazed it was moving by itself, so I asked if I was an oracle. It said no, so when I asked who was an oracle, surprisingly in English it spelled out Theresa’s name. Then we went on to ask about what exactly that meant, like what her ‘powers’ were, and it just went ‘gigigigigigigigigigigigi’ until I yelled at it to stop. It then said her ‘powers’ could not be used on Earth? Soon after I was very confused and the spirit said goodbye, so I said goodbye too and went searching for answers-which led me to your wonderful website. Any idea’s on what the spirit may have been talking about with aliens and oracles?

  68. Spirit is Latin for breath (such as CO2, SO2, H4C, H3N, H2S..); ye do not talk with breaths and the breathling (spirita et illud spiritval), but with wits/ghosts and the wittling (vires/lemures et illud virial).

  69. Hi i’ve read your article and i know you should never do them ect. But i feel like i have this spirt following me but not an evil one it seems really kind and sometimes sexual but its never talked. I’ve never done ouija before and i really do wanna communicate with it. Im 15 and have read loads of safety tips for doing ouija boards i want to know
    Is there a reason its following me (no-one died that i know of)?
    Should i do it by myself?
    AND i gave permision to entre my dreams is it possible for them to actually speak to us using our dreams??

    • Dear Connor,
      Yes, spirits can definitely speak to us through our dreams . I feel that the reason the spirit is attached to you is that there is something about you he/she likes . Remember spirits are just people no longer in physical form . As you know i suggest to not use Ouija’s , but if you do use one don’t do it alone .
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  70. Hello. I was wondering if online ouija boards were safe? I wanted to try one but I am not sure. Help me? xx

  71. can someone please help me, 2 of my friends and i used a ouija board a couple of weeks ago and my deceased partner came through. He spoke with me and confermed things no one else could know. It was like we were texting each other and it was a very possitive experience.We got back on it again and found more spirits had come through , he was there and some not so nice ones. The next night we got back on and he tried and tried to make contact but each time something very evil would take over, he told me his head hurt and to get off the board immediatley as the other spirit was pure evil. We said goodbye and when we got off there was banging around the house and when i got in my car my speakers all blew and every day since something bad has gone wrong in my life. Things are getting bettwr but what i want to know is was that really my partner who spoke to us as it was only good stuff and he knew every answer to every question, some of the questions only me and him knew. Also he was the one who got us off the board the night the evil one was counting the alphabet down and swearing at us. Was it him? please help

  72. HI!
    I really want to use an online Ouigi board but I would like to know if they are safe and cannot harm me or my family and friends. My mother had a bad experience with a Ouigi board in college. Will I be safe and will I be able to talk to my great aunt or my deceased ancestors? PLease tell me doctor!

  73. Dear Dr, Donald Ryles

    My Name is Ross I am 13. Recently my Grand Father passed away on Cristmass eve if I wanted to Talk to him would it help to do it in a place he loved or the time he passed away.

    • Dear Ross,
      I have used Ouijas in the past but I don’t recommend using them anymore . It sounds like you loved you Grandfather very much . If you want to talk to him you do not need a Ouija…just talk to him whenever you feel like it . Just act like he is still with you . If you feel like going to a place that you both shared and loved, then go there. I have a feeling that in some way he will answer back 🙂 . It may not be with words…but you will know he is with you.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  74. Hey my friends and I are kind of scared there is gonna be a few of us how many people can actually do it at the same time and what if it dark at like 4 or 4:30 pm would it still work were only ages 12-15 and im the youngest and we were just wondering please help and does it work if you have a paper ouija bored you made or no i have a real one but im just wondering

  75. Hi my friends and I all want to do a ouija bored together and we were wondering how many people can put there fingers on the planchette at the same time? Would it be safer with more people or less and its ages 12-15 so how safe is it? We were thinking to do the ouija bored at like 4 or 4:30 pm it gets dark by them and how many candles should we have? Is it the more the safer, and lets say some one felt safer using a paper ouija they made them selfs would it work or no? Please help us!

  76. Hi my friends and I all want to do a ouija bored together and we were wondering how many people can put there fingers on the planchette at the same time? Would it be safer with more people or less and its ages 12-15 and im the youngest so how safe is it? We were thinking to do the ouija bored at like 4 or 4:30 pm it gets dark by then and how many candles should we have? Is it the more the safer, and lets say some one felt safer using a paper ouija they made them selfs would it work or no? Please help us!

  77. the first board i got was out of a toy shop i was shocked that they were selling it as a toy i now what an ouija board is and this was one it was advertised as a game and to ask it any question it was called the spirit board so if they are so dangerous how can this be allowed i always thought the board was black magic and you really do have to no what you are doing to use one ,i have used mine for over 22 years and i love it yes scarey stuff happens but also i get lots of funny stuff like to watch out when i take a bath and sure enough when i was in the bath the loo kept flushing and the smells that came from it wow.

  78. I just bought an Ouija board today and ive been trying to make contact with spirits but I havent got any responses yet, but then again its my first time using it, will it work for me at all??

  79. I have tried using the ouija board three times, alone. I do take precautions, etc. and I know the danger. But nothing happens. I wait and wait, but nothing happens at all. Are there any tips (other than cautions about using it alone, i know the danger and i know to protect myself) for using it alone? Thank you so much, lots of love and light to you all.

  80. me and two of my friends were planning on using the ouija board. only thing is were kind of afraid, especially becaus one of them is suposed to be granddaughter of witches or something. we all have believed in ghosts and spirits for our whole life. some times we all think we see things. recently too there have been odd shadows and stuff… would it be a bad idea to use the board? we might end up talking to this demon we may think is following her 😦 what should we do?

  81. Hello I just wanted to say that my cousin and I were playing with the Ouija Board one day, last week… And we asked it questions like spell your name, or how old are you, and if they were friendly with everyone in this house. It was making no sense at first and me and my cousin lifted our hands to be sure it wasn’t one of us moving it and the cursor STILL moved. It said it was a teenage girl, and it did not have any bad/ hateful remarks or feelings for this family. So we kept talking to it, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking “what if this is really a mean spirit and it is just lying?” Then I asked it, are you related to anyone in this house? Now when we started playing with this we never gave our names, and the girl went to V-A-N-… And my name is Vanessa, which really made us wonder. But I have a sixth sense where I have dreams and the exact thing happens the next day, or I know who is about to call me, and I can guess which song is about to come on the radio, etc. But I was having these odd dreams every night about a teenage girl that had long black hair and an off-white gown. I was having these dreams BEFORE we played with the Ouija Board… And then I had them after but they were longer and more intense. The girl in my dreams had an evil presence to her which made me think maybe this is the girl and maybe I knew her from a past life, but she is here for me. And I contacted her through the Ouija Board. It frightens me because I am at my grandparents now and quite a few times I have seen the man that use to live here before my grandparents. But anyway, I was getting dressed today and my t.v is on-top of my dresser and on top of my television there is a tape recorder (heavy) and a bandanna underneath. I heard a bang and looked at the floor and their they lay, not touched by me but slewed on the floor immediately I have uneasy feelings. I have a weird feeling that this girl has followed me to my grandparents house. But I left the Ouija Board at the house that I played it at? Also especially at night I get the feeling of being watched. Could this all be explained? Please read!

    • It sounds like a presence may have attached to you . Often what you hear through the Ouija is not true ( one of the reasons I have stopped using them) . Most times these attachments are more troblesome than being really any danger . I would suggest not using the board anymore and would even think you should get rid of it . If these problems keep happening or get worse you should contact a local and reputable paranormal investgator ( or team) . They will know what to do or how to put you in contact with who will .
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  82. I live in Southern Louisiana, which used to be covered in water. One day, I was about 4 years old, I went to the restroom and I saw many ghosts they were dressed in pirate-looking clothes. In the room next to the restroom, my kitten was being trapped by them, I tryed to get her, but they blocked my way.Ever since then, all of my cat’s kittens would die, every litter. My other experience happened when I was around 8, in the same trailer. As you may know, in trailers you can very easily hear whats going on. I woke up from a dead sleep to hear what sound like sexual moans. I thought it was my mom watching adult movies at first. So I peeked through the curtain to the livingng room and she wasn’t in there, so I looked in her room and she was sound asleep. The sounds just kept on,eventually I got to sleep. We don’t have any neighbors near,sooo. Another experience of mine happened a couple months ago. I was at a sleepover for my best friends birthday, it was held at a park where there was once a battle. We were on the swings by the cementary and I suddenly felt very alert and then started crying for no reason, and I couldn’t control it. also at the birthday party, there was a girl who could change into a different being by doing a mini ritual with her hands, she had had many of these “personalities” that had attached themselves to her and eventually left. When she did this her whole personality would change and you could tell that it wasn’t her. My last experience was in my room of our grandparents house. I had the lights and t.v.were off, and I was just thinking about random stuff when I heard a woman say “are you awake”?. I immediately sat up and turned the light on and looked at the bottom bunk where mom sleeps and she wasn’t there. I went into the living room and asked everyone if they had came into the room,they hadn’t.ever since stuff has been falling,doors opening and closing slowly.this happened after my mom had a near-death experience.Please tell me what this is

  83. I also have deja-vu a lot and dream about stuff then it happens.And if I cocentrate hard on telling the future,it will come true.And what is my friend that can change her “personalities”.What am I?pz answer me!!! I want to know badly

    • You have had many truly amazing paranormal experiences and it sounds as if you are very psychic . I would tell you to study the subject and learn as much as you can about it . It sounds as if you are scared of it . The more you understand the less fearful you will be 🙂

  84. My friend and I are trying to get the Ouija board to work. I don’t know if we’re asking the spirit the right or wrong questions. But it won’t cooperate with us. We asked it yes or no questions, we asked it its name, but it won’t work. We even said a few words. Why won’t it work? What are the right questions to ask. Does it have to be a certain age or anything? We don’t know. Please help us!

  85. Does the Ouija board really work, or is it a myth???? I was wondering because me and my friend want to talk to the spirits. But whenever we do we wait like 10minutes. Why won’t it workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk? Pleasssssssssssssssssssse tell us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

  86. Hi, tomorrow im going to a friends birthday party and were all 13 and are going to be using a ouija board, im not exactly comfortable with what were going to be doing,especially because we were going to do it at a ravine, at night,in pitch black, now because of me we are doing it in her basement.. my mom does know, yet she wont go near one and she has banned me from bringing a ouija board into my house. I dont know exactly why, but i bet she was pretty terrified… anyways, i think were all beginner’s, but i have a bad feeling about this, i dont want anything to follow me home, and i dont want anything to happen to my friend, because we are doing thids in her house, im not exactly sure everyones gonna be serious about this and i told my friend that if anyone kids around im telling my parent to pick me up.. so anyways, heres my question, if i was the person to write down the convejrsation, would i have to out my hands on the planchette?

  87. I played at my friends house and we contacted a spirit that claimed to reside in his closet. He said he was an ancestor of my friend. We asked him many test questions which he answered all correctly. We asked him to say goodbye and he said no. I immediately became nervous, I’ve heard about what could happen if it wouldn’t say goodbye. I asked again and it again said no. I asked why and he said because he was lonely. I promised him I would return soon and would find a way to help him. He said ok and said goodbye. We came back a week later attempting to talk to him and I asked is Vick here. (which was the name he gave us the time before) it stayed still and wouldn’t move. We asked if something was with us and it said yes. Another friend there became nervous and I knew it was bad to have someone freaking out so we ended it. Both times we instantly got a spirit does that mean his basement is more prone to spirits? I feel Vick when I am watching movies at my friends as I feel uneasy being alone. Did I make a mistake Offering to help Vick when I probably will never be able to?

  88. Well me and my friends went into an abandoned trailer today and we saw a Ouija board
    So we looked at it so when we looked around a little more we saw voodoo dolls and candles and stuff and then whenever we lit the candles and started useing the board
    we asked if the spirit was nice and it moved 2 No so later on the walls started Banging like someone was knocking but no one was and my Dog went crazy what should i do i dont know if the spirit is nice or evil

    • It is tough to tell sometimes . Some spirits are not actually evil but they cause trouble like you mentioned . Taking into account what you found with the board though I most definitely would not deal with it . I would stay away .

  89. hello , my name is kailee and my friend that lives in montana has done a ouija board a couple times before and says it is ok too use one as long as you are respectful and belive in spirits especially good ones. but i am still super scared too use one but i really would like too. is there a bigger chance of getting a bad spirit than a good one even if i have blank minds and ask for protection? and is a homade ouija board safer to use? or opposite ? please reply asap. thanks!!

  90. Well I used a homemade one before and it worked and at first I was scared but then I got better. Ok so my question is if you get a ouija board is it true the only thing to get rid of it is to burn it?

    • desiree-
      thank you for your reply. it really helped. the answer to your question is,
      some people belive that if you burn a ouija board, it will open up a ”passage” or ”portal” for the spirits. i am not sure how too get rid of one, but this is my best answer, 😉

      • I’m not an expert, but, have done much research.

        Never burn a board. Use an appropriate cutting tool (saw for wood, scissors for paper, etc.). Apply holy water to your hands and the cutting tool…cut the board into 7 pieces and apply holy water to them and bury it away from your home. Give it back to the earth.

        Kailee, for your question…there’s no proven protection from evil. Every step you take is better than nothing. A “new” board seems to be the safest as a used one…you never know what has attached itself to it.

  91. I’ll tell you, my experience was having a spirit follow me because of messing with a group of friends playing recklessly in 2004 or 2005 with the innocently-enough-looking glow-in-the-dark ouija board from Toys R Us.
    My friend had been interested in using one, so I took her to the store to pick one up for her 17th or 18th(?) birthday. That night, a group of us girls, probably 5 of us, got together and didn’t do anything formal from what I can remember to start, we kind of jumped into it and asked if any spirits were in the room, and began with the questions. I had been going through a big change in relationships at the time, and wasn’t all together in my mind, so I was just there playing along, joking through the whole session (blaming everyone else for moving the planchette, and being benevolently rude).
    We asked about boyfriends, addresses and some things in the future. I decided to break off from the group, because I started feeling a little dizzy, and generally different. When I say different, I mean like, a little displaced. I don’t remember if I stayed the entire night, but the next day, I started getting the feeling that I was being watched, or followed.
    I first noticed it while I was driving, leaving my neighborhood, I noticed a dark shadow figure standing in the middle of the road that I left, as I made my turn to drive off. I would have shrugged it off, but it would appear muultiple times as I turned the same corner, and would return when I came back, but I only ever saw it out in the periphery of my sight.
    I figured it may have attached itself to me because of the game, but I was curious as to why it stayed, and why it generally only watched from a distance. I never felt in danger (outside of my usual-active imagination), but I would notice the presence.
    I went to college, and I would notice the same figure passing me in the halls while I washed my face or brushed my teeth in the dorm bathrooms. It freaked me out a little, but again, no malevolence, and the same “presence” about it, so I kind of liked it. I would even say things like good morning, and thank you for listening, every so often.
    One morning, after having my boyfriend over one night, we were sleeping in my tiny twin size bed, and I was against the wall on my stomache. I was halfway between sleep and consciousness when I heard a distinct sexless whisper in my ear from the wall side on my right, “Be Careful.” A little bit of warning in regards to him, and the rest is history, but I’ll never forget the way it didn’t really have a sound, it was just there.
    The presence stayed until my current boyfriend blessed me, and led me through a few prayers/protections after hearing the story.

    Thank you for listening 🙂

  92. Oh, and by the way, my friend threw her ouija board in the garbage because she started getting horrible night terrors

  93. I Just bought a ouija board yesterday.. and we played with it, and we were confused if it was one person moving it to freak everyone out or not? There was five of us, and they said there was 7 spirts there, as we asked questions the force of the movement, got stronger.. then we asked, how many spirts are here with us now? It said 2 after that the movement had slowed down…
    I was just wondering is it safe to use in a grave yard? I dont know if that’d contact wayyy.. to many spirts or not… i feeel as if it would work better there..

  94. Dear Dr. Ryles,

    My friend has been telling me that we should use a Ouija board for fun, and I have been rather nervous on the whole subject, and yet rather curious..
    I have been reading up, and I am on the fence.. Some stories I’ve read freak me out and others interest me.

    If my friend wants to use a Ouija board, I want to be there, but since I am kinda nervous..
    Do you think it would be best for me (and everyone else..) to sit this one out, and just watch?

    Also, is there charm thing that gives some sort of protection?
    or will a personal item have that affect, because.. I don’t know, I just feel like if I had this bear with me, I’d be safer.
    It’s really strange.. I’ve had this bear since I was 6, and he’s been pretty close by my side since then… I never really noticed until I got a bit older, that I always tend to feel safe when he’s around, like he’s looking out for me…
    It feels like more than just a childhood attachment thing… Odd.

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon.
    I think I’ve engrossed myself with ghosties and ghoulies

    • Dear Bree,
      I do not advocate using Ouija boards…If you do chose to be very careful.
      You may have just formed a personal feeling of safety and attached it to the bear…or it is always possible that some good force ( angel,passed over relative,etc.) is attached to or connected through the bear.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  95. Hello, my grandfather passed a year ago yesterday. I would love to make contact with him I have tried several times without using a board, but i get nothing. I want to make my own board, so the question is if i make my own out of paper and use a shot glass could i possibly make contact? Thank you.

    • Dear Nichole,
      I would suggest that you not use a Ouija…When you are supposed to make contact with your Grandfather you will…and you will not need a board . Find a quiet place…like out in the woods…where you can be alone and concentrate on making contact with your Grandfather and see what happens.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  96. im 13 nd the first time i used a ouija board was yesterday. i lighted a black candle, and burned egyptain musk insense. i had a ouija board on the coffee table and a lighter and sage right next to me if something happed. just take note i was all alone at 5:30 pm. i blessed the board and did a old wiccan chant my mom tought me ( were wiccan as u can see). i lighted the candle and insense than i began to move the planchette in circles to warm up the board. i was struck with amazement as the planchette only took a few minutes to gently and slowly slide 2 yes. it slid 2 yes when i asked if anyone was here. first i talked 2 derian. he just gave me random letters the started 2 move the planchette in figure 8’s. i knew about zozo so i firmly said goodbye and leave. a few minutes later i meet pat. he left right away when i asked if he wanted 2 b friends. 5 minutes after that edward came…. me and edward talked 4 20 minutes no joke! long story short he’s following me. in the good way though. he protects me! i told edward about this girl named emily khaler and how she’s a bitch. i asked edward if he’d do something 2 her, then the planchette moved in a fast pace spelling ”tomorrow”. today at lunch emily had triped and droped her lunch on her blue skinny jeans 🙂 oh and i almost forgot, i asked edward if he’d give me a sign he was there by moving the candle flame it went crazy. i also know about the hole subconscious thing 2. but something that calls himself edward has attached itself 2 me and he scares my cats…. thank you

  97. I want to make my own ouija board because I understand that it is a good idea to use one that you know the history of, but I don’t know exactly what I should use and how I should set it up. I want to do it safely and successfully. Please help!

  98. So I am in love with this girl. (Big suprise.) I am not going to give personal details but I will die soon from medical concerns and I wanna talk to the girl I live still. She does not beleive it will work but she trusts me. I made it clear I would ask a certain question and she would give a wrong answer. How can I trust I will be good? Will I even be able to talk to her? Thanks for replying whomever, regards, Zack

    • Dear Zack,
      If you and her are in love and connected I do not believe you will need a Ouija…You will just be able to connect with her 🙂
      I wish you both the best.
      Dr. Ryles

  99. There is no safe way to use a Ouija board and it seems to me since Dr. Ryles had such bad experiences with them in the past that he would understand how dangerous they are. The Bible condemns all practices of divination no matter what the source. I would urge the readers to follow the Lord in scripture on this and not Dr. Ryles, however well-meaning he might be.

  100. I’ve lived in my house for 17 years and I just moved to a new house. I’ve always believed that my old house was built on an old Indian burial ground. Recently, I had a dream that a ghost had been haunting our house, but it was trapped in a storage room until my mom opened it. This dream made me want to go back to my house one last time and see if anything was living with us for all of those years. It was a big house on a huge open hill and I’ve always been creeped out by the creaks and parts of the house, as much as I do love it. Do you think it’s safe for me to go back one more time and use the Ouiji board? 

  101. Hi i’m thinking of using an ouija board but i have a few questions. When i’m using the board how do I make sure the spirit doesn’t come out of the board and into my house? Also, if i happen to contact an evil spirit, how do i make sure i completely broke of all contact with it? Thanks

  102. Hi im Pia ! well me and my friend , were playing ouija board yesterday ( we had a sleepover at her house). We were playing on the balkony . And the strange part was that when we said a protection speach, nobody was there , but when we didnt he was there.We met a boy named ARAR he said he was 10 years old and he said he was a good ghost. So we asked him if he could show us his shadow or something like that, and he showed it. Me and my friend felt him , it was like a cold feeling.He seemed very nice and all, we joked together and all of our personal questions we asked, he knew all of them. But the next day ( when i went home) my friend ( Iris) said that she couldnt sleep in her room because ARAR was there. She said that she had to sleep in her living room. So i need to know , is he a demon ? can he be evil ? is my friend safe? and how to get rid of arar? please answer , i really need these answers. Thank you

  103. Hi my name is jason My girl friend died on valentines day this year all I want to use the board for is to talk to her and ask her if she’s still here if I’m not using the board for bad things do you think i should be ok?

  104. Hello, My name is Alexis and I recently purchased a Ouija board to try to connect to the ghost world and learn about them. I don’t have alot of friends I would trust playing the Ouija board with and I was just wondering how I could connect with the spirits on my own. I see lots of movies and shows with ghosts happenings and alot of my friends have seen ghosts or witness odd shawdows and I do beilive in them but I just want to connect on my own and maybe find a ghost who is willing to speak and maybe show themself? I’m just very desparite for a good ghost friend and I’m just wondering how I should go about contacting one on my own.

    • Dear Alexis,
      It would be my heartfelt advice to you to NOT use a Ouija board alone . I admit I have done it many, many years ago and I know that you can bring big trouble into your life .

  105. I was recently playing the board in a basement at a friends. Me and my friends are very experienced and know how to handle the board without problems. When we started playing we couldn’t really find a spirit. Eventually we found a spirit to talk but just spelt gibberish and left after a minute or 2. I took my Emf detector and layed it on the board and just left it. We all talked and joked for about 20 minutes being too lazy to turn the lights on. Suddenly my emf detector totally pinned to the right sending the light and beeping off. It ended in about 2 seconds and happened again in a shorter burst. Te magnetic field surrounding the board Had changed in a very Dramatic way. We instantly got back on the board and a spirit was instantly there where we had a very hard time getting one before. The spirit didn’t stay long and all I got from my detector was the baseline reading of the room. Is this proof the ouiji board is simply a portal that spirits use to get into our dimension? What’s the difference from these spirits, and spirits already here around us?

  106. I just wanted to know if it is okay to store your Ouija board in your house? Or in the room you sleep in? Is it safe? Also I heard of burning the board, but I also heard of breaking it into 7 pieces and burying it. Is that also okay to break the board, or is it dangerous?

  107. I have a few questions… First is it even possible to get rid of the board? Also dose computer board work? What happens if something suverly happens to me or a friend? Please answer! Thank you

  108. any information on the spirit zozo ? what ive gathererd so far is zozo is not to be toyed with, i was wondering if you had any information on such “zozo”

  109. My friends and I have played a ouija board a few times. Once I forgot to close the board, because the planchette didn’t move very much. Now there’s a handprint on the ceiling of my bedroom and there’s been weird stuff happening around my house. Last night we went up to a known haunted area and played with it. It counted down through the numbers once and the second time we had to forcefully hold it down. It also moved in figure eights. We knew that the figure eights meant an evil spirit had been contacted and the counting down through the numbers and alphabet meant it was trying to open the portal. We forced it to say goodbye. However at the end of the session I felt completely exhausted and the only way to describe the feeling I had was completely stoned but I hadn’t done anything to get me in that state. My friend felt tingly and her knees felt numb and she didn’t feel right enough to drive. Both of us were entirely sober. Also while we were playing it the planchette regularly moved up to the ouija label at the top of the board. What could all this mean? Am I legitimately haunted now?

  110. I was just wondering if I could ask to talk to someone (my grandfather& great-grandmother) while using a Ouija Board?

  111. Hello there. I used to get the feeling I was being watched whenever I went downstairs in my house during the early hours of the morning. One morning it was really bad, as if someone was staring at me from inches away – I turned around and shouted for whoever/whatever it was to stop bothering me (but I phrased it using a lot more profanity) Since that day, I’ve never had the feeling again. I now feel bad that it may have been someone trying to communicate with me and that I’ve scared whoever it is away. Is there any way I can ask them to come back and try again?

  112. Hi, my friends and i used a Ouija board just last night, and it was an old board that my mom had bought at a yard sale a while back.I have a question about our first session. I just watched the first time because I had never done it before, and I was scared and didn’t want to use the board. So four of my friends started the session which my friend Derrek was the speaker. He asked “oujia are you here?” And the shotglass they were using moved to yes. Then he asked it to what it’s name was and it spelled out “RIP.” After that Derrek said goodbye. What’s weird is that Derrek’s brother just died earlier this week and his girlfriend who was also using the board, her mom’s friend had just died as well. What do you think this means? Was the spirit acknowledging these deaths? Or was it trying to tell us something more or playing a mere joke? should I be worried? Is something bad going to happen or do you think we’ll be safe? Please help.

    • Hi Caroline, my name is Summer and I was just wondering how old you are. I’m sixteen and I don’t know much about ouija boards and you were the last to comment. My sister has been talking about using these for a long time now. My step dad is upstairs right now, and it’s just my dog and I; I sort of talked to the ouija board with now response, but I also made the board wrong. I wrote A – Z and YES and NO. I don’t know if that could have worked and if it could have awoken spirits. I also just about five minutes ago found out it’s not good to do it by yourself, which I did. I took the pointer off and laid four silver coins on it just in case. I turned it upside down now and also while I talked I lit a white candle. Good thing I thought of lighting a candle, I didn’t know that you were supposed to. I’m going to create a new board in a few hours so my older sister and I can play when she gets off work. I am concerned over your experience. That is very strange. I also feel it’s right to keep my dog present so, not only am I not by myself, but so she shows signs of their being a presence in the room.
      Thank you for your experience you wrote above, I am sorry for the ones you lost. Hope you are doing well.
      Sincerely, Summer.

      • I would say that u have done wrong because if you made it urself,, there might besome mistake in it. It can create ill-effect like inviting evil spirits. So I hope u understand it. You should destroy it.

  113. I and my friend used the ouija for the first time. And we did not got any reply from spirit. We tried it for almost 20mins. But we forgot to say goodbye. Will it affect us?. Should we try ouija again? If it affects us, how can we overcome it?

  114. I was talking to a spirit name Cari, I asked if my mom was safe and it said no. I asked why and it said death, I asked why again and it said car. It said it was my friend. Is it really?

  115. Hi my name is jeff. I have always felt like i could feel spirits around me. Id always get weird feelings in places sometimes walk into a. room and get a scared feeling and i knew something bad was there or happened there. I also have always been able to feel vibes off of people whether good or bad or if a fight argument etc. had taken place id get a heavy feeling even if i didnt know what happened. I know i have a very stong guardian angel i can feel its presence i get tingles that run all through out my body almost like bein cold no matter what thetemperature. I used to be a morphine addict and very bad alcaholic id drink a 26 or 2 everyday. Wwhich made my sences go away when i was under the influence. I used to have dreams which most of the time i do not think i was sleeping where id be stuck couldnt move or talk like someone was holding me down and have heard msgs saying clean up and others that i could not understand i knew it was not evil but trying to guide me. Now that im clean i have stronger sences than ever. My gf and her friends were playing a ouija board upstairs while i was downstairs with not a movement. I told them id play if they really wanted me to and i was certain it would work and it did. I believe in god and jesus and worship them which is contadictory to the ouija but i feel my guardian angel will protect me frrom evil it has a very stong presnce. Last time we used it we got a spirit and chatted bein very polite and asked if it had a msg for any of us and to use the initals of the person it wanted to say something to it put mj which was backwords of my friends. So we asked what the msg was it said i am at the cemetary i love you which kind of creeped the girls out when i asked again who it was it said jaret which was jm’s deceased bf who was the father of her son and died and neither me or my gf knew about this tiil than which was kinda cool.

  116. What im wondering is could it be becuz i can feel the spirits on a dif level is it easier for me to use a ouija board and with my guardian angel being such a strong force keep away bad spirits? I feel i have almost a psychic sort of ability that could be used for good even though ouija boards are against how i was raised. Plz rply to this one the other sent by accident.

    • Jeff,
      My thoughts are that you should not use Ouija’s…or if you must be VERY careful. If you have psychic abilities and want to use them for good…most definitely do .
      Best wishes,

  117. I bought a ouija npard about a monyh ago and play it every other week. We talked to good and bad spirits but there is one that i have heard of allot. ZoZo. We were talking to DIT when it suddenly and repeatedly moved to zo. I already knew who zozo was so i panicked but calmed myself down. I asked if he was goos and he said yes…my friend called him a sack of shit for lieing and i told him to apologize. Zozo said he forgave my friend but that he wanted to hurt me. My friend was a boy and i am a girl idk why but i feel really uneasy sometimes by myself and im kind of worried if he pops up again..what can i do to keep myself protected?

    • Spirits are all around us…it may even be safer on “virgin” ground as evil isn’t already associated there. Unless the land has its own “demons” or you have evil that surrounds you without you knowing it. More simply, yes it would work.

  118. Is it safe to make your own ouija board? It it any more dangerous than a store bought one? And if I’m pressed for time can I use paper and a shot glass, or will that not work? Thanks.

    • Ty,
      I don’t personally think it would be more or less dangerous to use your own or use a store bought board . I would just say be very careful and know what you could get into using any board.
      Best wishes,Donald

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