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Do you think you have a ghost?  Do you want it to go away?


No, that’s not a dumb question.


Some people don’t mind spirits being around. In fact, I am one of those someone’s.  However, I’ve never had a bad experience with a ghost. If you don’t mind them, you can learn to “tune them out”; much like you might tune out the noise of a train that passes close to your home.  Some commercial businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, actually appreciate them, because they can help their business.




However, if you really want the ghost to go away, you can try a couple of things.  Also, make sure that you read those things that you should NOT do.




The easiest way to get rid of a ghost is to simply ask it to leave.   Use a firm voice and tell the ghost exactly what you want and why.  You might say something like this: “This is my house and it bothers me when you are around all the time.  Would you please leave?”   Remember, the physical world is your domain and ghosts rarely have any power in the physical world.


Ghosts don’t always know that they are dead.  You may have to explain to them that they are dead, that they no longer belong in the physical world and will be better off if they move toward the light.


Sometimes you may have to ask what the spirit wants.  This is often the case with someone who has recently passed over who may be attempting to communicate to you about something.  Afterwards, they are happy to leave.


Use your imagination to “see” loved ones, angels, or guides coming to

take them to the light.









When telling the ghost to “go away”, do not yell or sound angry.


Do not give the spirit recognition by talking about it in your home, or maybe avoid talking about it all together.  This provides the spirit with energy, making it more powerful.


Try not to show fear.  It is your home and the spirit can generally do you no harm.  Fear can also provide the spirit with energy.


DO NOT use Ouija boards, Tarot cards, séances, or witchcraft when dealing with anything that is supernatural.  These items may actually increase spiritual activity and/or “open doors” that invite demonic and other unwanted spirits.

Get it before it is too late


3 thoughts on “HOW TO GET RID OF A GHOST

  1. Hi,

    Something very strange happened the other night….and I am completely scared to death. Maybe you have heard of this before….I took a picture back in January of this year of me and my dog, however, I never printed the picture until 3 nights ago. After printing the picture, I looked at it, and I could see my brother in the picture, as if he were a ghost….however, my brother is not dead. He was not there when the picture was taken, in fact, he lives in another state.

    Have you ever heard of this before?

    Could this be that he is trying to hurt me?

    Thank you so much for your help!
    Laurie Manzi

    • Dear Laurie,
      I do not think your brother is trying to hurt you and I have heard of cases like this before . If it was print film it could have been a double exposure of a previous photo of you brother on the film roll. If it was digital it probably had a paranormal cause… One case that I remember was something along the lines of someone who had sold their car and the new owner took a picture of the car in their driveway with no one in or near the car and when developed the previous owner was seen sitting in the backseat. It turned out the the previous owner had really liked the car and had an attachment to it. I imagine that is what has happened in your case . It is mostly likely that you brother was thinking of you or worrying about you at the time the photo was taken .
      Hope this makes you feel better.
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

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