2 Interesting Cases of Time Travel…Time Slips

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11 thoughts on “2 Interesting Cases of Time Travel…Time Slips

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  2. very interesting I also had the book strange but true. I know someone who had a time slip in Ryle wales he went into a shop to buya gift and thought he would go back later when he went back the shop had been shut 20 yrs! and the gift he had bought previous was gone too!

  3. Doc..My last ufo sighting on may 3rd of this year was strange.The clouds were sparce ..more blue sky than clouds..When I ran to get my camera I felt sluggish.. I had to struggle to reach for it..It only took one minute to have camera in hand and be at same location.The cloudcover was more full and the cloud I saw them in was at a different location in which an hour went by..The clouds were increasing as the day went by..when I ran for the camera there was much less clouds than when I came back outside…My mind was racing…Felt as if I was pyhsically moving reeeeeaaaaaallll sssslllllooooowwwww….This ufo stuff has to do with Time. I will research the aspects of what I exsperianced…Strange…

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