UFO over Niagara Falls?

UFO over Niagara Falls?

Residents, tourists report strange flashing object hovering over tourist district

Posted By JOHN ROBBINS / The Review




What the heck were those lights in the sky Saturday night?


That’s the question scores of Niagara Falls residents and tourists were left to ponder after seeing an unusual, spectral pattern in the night sky over the tourist district for a period between 9 p.m. and midnight.


Some say the unidentified phenomenon looked like a metallic object hovering motionless and without sound.





“At first it look like a circular tear in the sky,” said Joshua Green, who lives on Robinson Street. “When the spotlights from the casino would rotate, they would hit the object . . . and it would illuminate the object and create a flash coming back down.


“I had never seen anything like that before.”


I called my sister and told her to go outside and look at the sky. I called my father to see if he had any idea what might be. He went outside and said he’s never seen anything like that.”


A tourist who emailed The Review Sunday afternoon described said he and his wife were walking along Victoria Avenue near Clifton Hill when they noticed “everybody on the street was looking up in the night sky.”


Scott Jordan wrote: “When the four search lights that light up the night sky (over Niagara Falls) came together it appeared like there was something in the sky and it was reflecting the light.”


A Niagara Regional Police spokesman said Sunday afternoon he was unaware of any reports coming into police overnight.


Mayor Ted Salci was surprised to hear about the unusual incident, too.


Salci said if it was some kind of object, he doesn’t know what it could have been. jrobbins@nfreview.com  Article ID# 2135618

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