One of My Scariest Halloween Memories

I want to wish everyone a safe and fun Halloween. I know that for many of my friends and readers Halloween is their favorite holiday of the year 🙂

      One of my scariest Halloween memories was when I was about 16 and home alone on Halloween night ( My parents had gone out of town) and I was watching “Halloween 1” on HBO . About halfway through the movie I started to get phone calls where when I would pick the phone up they would hang up on me. I assumed…and hoped with all my heart…that it was just some of my friends playing a prank on me, but with the  history of my house and my paranormal experiences in it I wasn’t sure it was just a prank. Needless to say I was REALLY scared. Luckily a short time later some of my friends and their parents came over. Scary memory.
Best wishes,
Donald Ryles PhD

2 thoughts on “One of My Scariest Halloween Memories

  1. Hi Donald, I just stumbled across your website while googling for “Mothman/H1n1 genetic engineering connections.” I’m a Christian who is constantly searching for the truth in all facets of life. When I say “Christian” I don’t mean “churchian.” Organized ‘christianity’ is a phony copycat of the real thing. I follow Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God. I don’t follow a “pastor” and am not part of their “flock” of brainwashed sheep. I have one Shepherd and He teaches me through His Word. I know you probably won’t believe me, but I can tell you what the “paranormal” is as far as ghosts, apparitions, strange noises, disembodied voices, etc. These things are demons and familiar spirits. They are not human! The Bible says that man is appointed once to die and then the judgment. Heb 9:27 These evil spirits want you to believe they are “ghosts” of people who died because they gain power over you be deceiving you to go against the Word of God which clearly teaches that when we die, we go to one of two places, period. I know it’s comforting to believe that our soul hangs around in this dimension because it removes our responsiblity to choose whom to follow. By not making a choice, we still make a choice if you know what I mean. The apparitions that look, sound and behave like a person who died are familiar spirits who hung around or possessed that person while they were living due to some occult or other activity (such as watching horror movies or playing dungeons and dragons, commiting sexual sins or drug use, etc.) that opened a door for that particular demon and gave it legal right to possess or oppress that person. Then when that person dies, the spirit is empowered to further deceive the living into believing that they will not face any judgment for their own sins in this life since these people who have died are still floating around. Also, as far as the NWO/Illuminati, the very top, few elite families are controlled by Fallen Angels and Satan. They are represented by the pyramid with the eye. Satan is in control of the present world (1 John 5:19) which is a test for us humans by God to see who we will choose, Him or this present world (Satan). These families are under satan’s complete control, that is why they have amassed (stolen) 95% of the world’s wealth and have control over the masses. The whole world system of government is based on bribery with sex and money used mostly to bribe those in power to perform the bidding of the elite. The people at the bottom are useless eaters in their minds and they plan to destroy 5.5 billion of us soon. (See the Georgia Guidestones or look it up on the net). You probably already know this but I just wanted to make you aware of what “ghosts” really are so you won’t be deceived. The Bible tells true followers of Jesus Christ to “Be ye wise as serpents, but harmless as doves.” That is why I constantly endeavor to study the plans, motives and habits of the enemy in all areas, including the occult but I’m careful to put God first in all things!

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