The Spirit Photographs of William Hope Part 3

These photographs of ‘spirits’ are taken from an album of photographs unearthed in a Lancashire second-hand and antiquarian bookshop by one of the Museum’s curators. They were taken by a controversial medium called William Hope (1863-1933).

Born in 1863 in Crewe, Hope started his working life as a carpenter. In about 1905 he became interested in spirit photography after capturing the supposed image of a ghost while photographing a friend.


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One thought on “The Spirit Photographs of William Hope Part 3

  1. I do really believe, that what is appearing in the Photos is noting but the SPIRIT (SUBTLE BODY OR ASTRAL BODY) of William Hope and near his Coffin, friends sitting together, on the altar, this subtle body is seen, which itself is a really strange and paranormal phenomena. I hv seen such spirit bodies which are sometimes caught thru ordinary camera in India. But one can easily catch such photos thru SPIRIT CAMERA OR KIRLIAN CAMERA. Subtle Bodies are made up of LIGHT and can Travel AS FAST AS LIGHT from ONE PLACE/COUNTRY TO OTHER and Ruminate near Deeply Loved ones. I expect many such informations from the members of psychicfamily, to strengthen their claim/belief/actual reality after death.

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