Do you want a vaccine made with these…

Flu shots from dog cells, insects, worms, viruses, and engineered e-coli are on their way Read More

Interested in Doctor approved natural alternatives to the vaccine


2 thoughts on “Do you want a vaccine made with these…

  1. Hello Dr. Ryles,
    I replied to your friend request on MySpace. Do you make your living with hypnotism and the paranormal? Just curious. I had a severe alergic reaction to the MMR vaccine, and may even face a skin graft. I will never take another vaccine in my life. I was forced to in order to enroll at Arkansas State University this past fall. I’m 51 years old and had to take an MMR vaccine? Give me a break. Anyway, I hope to be able to talk with you sometime.

    • Dear John,
      Very sorry to hear about your bad experience with the vaccine and hope you do not have to get the graft . Many people are exposing the dangers of vaccines now…but unfortunately as you said still vaccines are manditory in many situations.
      Yes my business now is web marketing of Mind Power, Paranormal, Hypnosis, etc. at my main website
      Best wishes,
      Donald Ryles PhD

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