Numerology and the Illuminati

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Every major occult group has it’s holy numbers (or unholy numbers
depending on how you want to look at it.)  The Illuminati, which is
a highly respected, ritualistic organization that has been around
since the times of Christian crusades has a very special way of
looking at numbers and using them for witchcraft.

When it comes to the occult and cults that deploy numbers in the
use of magic, Pythagoras is very significant. He is considered to be
the father of numbers and his teachings are venerated by all of the
mystery schools.  In “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”, author
Manly P. Hall devotes Chapter 13 to Pythagoras.  According to this
author Pythagoras taught only the initiates in his own mystery
school the secrets of number systems.  The Illuminati very closely
follows the precepts first introduced by Pythagoras.

Among the magical mysteries were prime numbers (numbers that have
no divisors other than themselves.  These numbers which included 2,
3, 5, 7, 11, 13, and so on were widely worshiped by the Illuminati
cult in numerology particularly when it comes to setting dates for
events.  The members of the Illuminati believe also that a chance
of success is more likely if the same number is multiplied several
times so they will schedule a special event on a date that has a
run of three numbers.

The number 13 is very signifigant to the Illuminati. Each group has
a core of 39 members which breaks down into 13 times 3 members.
Thirteen make up an administrative group and then that group
answers to a Round Table that consists of nine members.  The nine
is significant because it relates the triplicate of three that is
considered very important in all rituals including 3 times 3 times
3.  The 3 times 3 times 3 rules in magic apply to an amplification
of the original intention of a cast ritual as well as the concept
that whatever comes back to you will do so three times three times

Here are the meanings of the most significant numbers in the Illuminati
system of numerology.


For the Illuminati the number zero is symbolic of sun worshipping.
It symbolizes the man who is reborn through occult rituals.


This is the number of unity of mind, body and soul.


This is the number of division rather than togetherness as is
typical of other number system… It is the number of the total
separation of God.


This is the number of royalty. It symbolizes the magical shape of
the triangle. It symbolizes the Holy Trinity which is Nimrod
Semiramis Tamus … or Osiris, Isis, Horus … or Satan, Eve and Cain,


The number of foundation. Leister Crowley wrote a book called
Book Four which was a complete guide to Magic.


This is a number that protects members of the illuminati from
Death. The Illuminati also use something called The Law of Fives
which is the mind’s power to perceive truth in just about


The number of man. Taken from the fact man was created on the sixth
day of the week.


This number is significant in several ways.
There are 7 Creative powers of the Godhead
There are 7 Great Ages of the Earth
There are 7 Races of mankind
There are 7 laws governing human life
There are 7 Schools of Mystery Religions
In Theosophy there is a seven step process of human evolution in
which successive races evolve from a lower to a higher form of


This is the number of the sun and the sun worshiper. It takes 8
years for Venus to orbit the sun 13 times which is significant to
many occult groups including the Illuminati.


The number of divine completion and the number of the fall of man.


The number of law and authority. It is taken from the Ten


The number of destruction and judgment and the death of man.
Any event or thing assigned with 11 is to aid the rising of the
In Latin the Devil’s name is LVX which translates as
Just as a point of interest, Armistice Day/Remembrance Day November
11 at 11:11 (Triple 11)


It is simultaneously a lucky and unlucky number.
It is considered to be a bad omen because the Knights Templars were
arrested on October 13, 1307.
However it is also the number of reincarnation and everlasting life.
The number of everlasting life
The number of the cult (there are 13 members in a covens and
satanic cults (12 regular members and one high priest).  This is a
mirroring of 12 jurors+1 judge=13
It is also believed that there are 13 high occult families that run
the world


The number of immortality.


The number 19 is magickal. Lunar cycles are synchronized with
Gregorian calendar every 19 years.


22 is a double 11. It is also a reoccurring 2. It is the number of
the Master Builder.


The number that all big events are connected to, somehow or in some way.
The Knights Templars had only 23 Grand Masters (Jacque de Molay was
the 23rd)
23 is the 1st prime number in which both digits are prime numbers
that add up to a prime number.
In the Qabbalistic Tree of Life the 23rd path is associated with
the Hanged man Tarot Card (According to Leister Crowley this card
represents the concept that the only way out is within)


27=9+9+9 the most powerful magnification of 9 as it symbolizes 3


=13+13+13. The highest possible magnification of the number 13.


3 is used 3 times

333 stands for the one third of the of angels that followed Lucifer
and rebelled against the true God



When 555 is used 3 times and reduced to a number it is a hidden 666

The only known meaning to the numbers of evil or sinister triple 5
is enlightenment or illumination.


When 6 is used 3 times it is the number of the Beast.


Leister Crowley wrote a book called 777 that is significant to the


999 is a hidden 666 and can symbolize hidden evil.

As you can see the Illuminati were very much into their own classic
system of number meanings that have had an impact on the cult for

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  1. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment. I believe that you ought to publish more on this subject matter, it might not be a taboo matter but generally people do not talk about these issues. To the next! Cheers!!

  2. we all have to think about the movie contagion came out on 9-9-11 and what happened on 9-11-01.. this is not coincidence people. Someone planned all these events and the movies are predictive programming for sure.. I am on youtube at pastor john dehart.. look me up.

  3. 1 2 3 5 6 7 9 11 13 etc. and any division, multiplication, addition, subtraction or simple joining together AND any combination of those! With a pallette that large, of COURSE you can find the confirmation you seek.

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