Unexplained “Morphing” Phenomenon in the Movie “ Return To Babylon”

One of my friends at Myspace and Facebook , Alex Monty Canawati,  is the man who made this, what would turn out to be quite unusual,  movie. I believe you will find the strange happenings in this film intriguing to say the least in and in many cases terrifying. I have looked at these photos many times. Digits and noses alter. Faces take on grotesque distortions . No special effects were used. Quite strange and hard to explain. UPDATE : Alex was recently interviewed by a German Magazine…Read Interview

Best wishes, Dr. Donald Ryles

RETURN TO BABYLON is a black and white feature film that is tribute to the silent movie era. It is shot in traditional “chaplin-esque” silent-movie format, and tells the true tales and tragedies of the real life stories that rocked the nation.

the cast includes: Jennifer Tilly as “it” girl CLARA BOW    Maria Conchita Alonso as LUPE VELEZ    Debi Mazar as GLORIA SWANSON    Ione Skye as VIRGNIA RAPPE (who would meet a tragic end in the Fatty Arbuckle tragedy that would destroy his life as well)    and Tippi Hedren as MRS. PEABODY, a studio executive.

During the production, many of the cast and crew felt strange sensations. Jennifer Tilly was particularly vocal about “ghosts and spirits” touching her. This could very well be because we filmed in the mansions/estates of silent movie stars such as Norma Talmadge, Antonio Moreno, and Rudy Valentino. I was told prior to the filming that these locations were haunted.

What appeared on the actual negatives of the film was completely baffling. The actors took on various appearances, including some sinister images. I had the film studied extensively by professionals and was told the actors were “morphing” – a costly and time consuming animation process. How could this manifest on its own? We must come to conclude rationally that there is some Higher Power that is behind this phenomenon.

Attached I have included images from the film’s frames. What you are seeing is not the product of any sort of special effect.



20 thoughts on “Unexplained “Morphing” Phenomenon in the Movie “ Return To Babylon”

  1. These pictures made me ill. They scared me a little bit also. I have never had a spirit make me queasy before. Thank you for this!

  2. Im such a skeptic when it comes to supernatural type stuff but this i cant even try to explain… erie trully erie.

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  5. Common event in Spiritualist Church called “Transmogrification”

    Look it up, not scary, just dead people manipulating ectoplasm in the aura of the subject who does not see the images the onlookers or the camera sees.

    I have seen it twice, hundreds of images of different faces per minute. Read theosophical books about the aura to learn more. To me, not very interesting. But then, I am in contact with ETs so that is far more interesting!

  6. Because this film used hand-cranked film cameras using black and white film, the speed varied between 16 and 18 frames per second. The transfer of the film negatives to the standard 24 frames per second during the editing process and ultimately the 60 frames on the NTSC standard television monitor, a number of images were transferred to some still “frames” on the DVD copies, causing a form of “morphing” to occur. In some instances a quick nod of the head placed a “phantom” eye in a forehead from a previous frame. In others, an actor with long hair would turn and create facial hair in another frame. This was a side effect due to the slower exposure time the old cameras were capable of capturing during the transfer to the rapid frame rate of modern film and video. There is nothing supernatural in “Return to Babylon”…. besides, if the film isn’t any good at normal speed, who cares?

    • agreed! this is basic film 101 info, honestly. Why Alex Monty Canawati didn’t know this simplest fact and yet still made a movie, i have no clue.

      • im sure alex does know this simple fact, would this film have genorated as much buzz without the creepy effects? Hes just taking advantage to promote himself, its what I would do 🙂

  7. the two camera speeds do not give the exact same view so the speed has nothing to do with this.
    It is a supernatural act, involving many sane actors, who all had strange experiences. The shadows in the movie are clearly evil, as are the “shape shifting”. This thing is clearly making itself known for what it exactly is, and has decided to show itself to as many people as possible by appearing in the movie. The actors who appeared in this movie have now exposed themselves, invited, or one could say, tricked by accepting a role in this movie, to something that will now follow them until they take steps to protect themselves spiritually. Watch the episode on cable and see the actual movie,
    it is very clear “who’s” movie this really is – the first clue of danger is often good luck – kinda like finding a silent movie on a bus stop bench.

  8. I’m troubled by these know-it-all or want-to-be cinematographers who question the experience of and who think they know more than the film director and actors themselves. Frame speeds and other common ailments in film recording have been thought of and ruled out way before the story went to the public. So many want to rule-out something paranormal so quickly out of hand with the first excuse or reason that comes to mind. More troubling is its done more often by those who call themselves scientists without making a scientific deduction and a plausible determination. Shame on all of you for dismissing the unknown.

  9. Watched this for the first time the other night. I am confused @randal what do u mean by finding a silent movie on a bus stop?

  10. randal means that the movie reels where found in a bus stop,someone left them there and the filme director took it home and then shoot the movie with the reels that he had found.
    i think it was 19 cases of film that he found.
    i agree with c.Alexander

  11. When I take photos of myself on a really grainy low resolution camera with a low shutter speed the exact same thing happens. Looks creepy. Not paranormal.

  12. Photolagie was not advansed back when they were in use. With a blck and whit camera and a laptop scanner you can be amazed very easily. Some faces we make in are unconsciousness are scary and the camera caught that.

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