H1N1 virus isn’t finished with us yet

This is just one such report I have seen in the past few days…

Just because Pennsylvania has seen a decrease in cases of H1N1 influenza — aka swine flu — over the last few months doesn’t mean it’s gone.

In fact, it could be here to stay.

The strain of H1N1 has been so powerful…Read more

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One thought on “H1N1 virus isn’t finished with us yet

  1. Of course not, millions and perhaps billions of us know this already and are up on natural remedies however and have researched out butts off from law to the illness of the H1N1, which was far less severe then regular flue by the way. But who knows the lab thing might mix up another batch of illness twice as fierce as the last. Everyone knows that this was created in a lab on purpose… Too much proof and testimony of this. Anyway last year was a test run to see public reaction,and its typical for them to do that !!! to see if folks would take the vaccine without coaxing. I watched a video about some very up people laughing at how they could swindle the public into taking it, they apparently thought it was funny, along with all those that got horrible reactions to it. Many didn’t go get them and they will come up with a better plan this year,everyone knows, or most know that vaccines cause cancer but not just cancer that lays dormant within them but many other things which shorten lifespan. Not to mention autism and blatant brain damage. My family had this happen. It’s SICK at the very least. Cunning and Cold at the most..But lets not forget after all they spent billions to get it into our bodies and spent lots to get it created in the lab, which many docs have revealed through their sources and research. IE: Horowitcz and others. They surely will not let all those doses go to waist and they already have plans to put it in with the mainstream flu shot. Another horrible thing to put into your body. I say to anyone that doesn’t get it yet, which many do,but to those that dont go visit Dr Blaylock, Or Mercola, Or Horowitz and a slew of others to get the real info, just do a google search, I have tons of links on this information. They have come forward, probably with many threats to their person for doing so but their conscious just couldn’t sit by and watch folks get maimed left and right. Last year was only a test drive, we are in for a bumpy road of fried brains and autism, death and also paralyzed folks. Or hopefully the valiant ones will get their Constitutional rights acknowledged but I doubt it, they have changed the UCC enough to mold it to their ways and wants.

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