Courtship from the Unknown—A Personal Story


A lot of people have been writing me asking if I have had any strange experiences with dreams, lucid dreaming, or Astral Projection since I have been talking about the launch of my friend Abhishek’s new Astral Projection package. Below is one of the strange experiences along that line that I had in my youth.

For the most part of my life since my teens I have received information of the future in my dreams from time to time, and in some cases have had other very unusual incidents happen in my dreams. This is an account of one of those incidents.

When I was about 15 or 16 years old I had a series of extremely vivid dreams that ran for several nights. The kind of dreams that stay with you throughout the day and seem in some way as if they are more than dreams.
The dreams began one night as I found myself riding my bicycle down an unfamiliar street in an unfamiliar city. The houses and lawns on the street were immaculately kept and it seemed that one of these houses in particular was known to me. I rode down the street for some time looking at the houses, not the street numbers, but just the houses, until I came to the one that I knew was my destination. I didn’t know why I felt that way but I seemed to be drawn to it. Like I was being led there. I laid my bicycle on the ground by the front door of the house and walked in without knocking or ringing the bell…as if I felt expected. Inside I found a very sparsely furnished house. A few chairs, a sofa, and some packing boxes. As I looked around the house someone walked up behind me and said, “I am glad you are here”. I turned to see a very tall, very slim, woman with long straight black hair and light blue or green eyes. I truly don’t remember the color, but do remember that they were very noticeable and somewhat piercing. She appeared to be in her mid 30’s as far as age.
Although I didn’t recognize her I felt very comfortable and safe around her. Like this was all meant to be. We visited for hours it seemed, although I don’t remember what we said to each other. When I awoke it felt as if the dream had actually happened…like it was real. The thought of it followed me the entire next day and I could barely concentrate in school for thinking of the woman.
That night when I fell asleep the dream began just as it had the night before… I found myself riding down the street and going to her house once more. When I got there she was waiting and asked me if I was going to help her move into her new house. I told her that I was sorry, but I couldn’t help since I didn’t have a car or truck…only my bicycle. She said that was ok and that she was just very glad that I was coming to visit her. We visited once again for what seemed like hours and it felt as if we were falling in love. This relationship seemed to grow stronger and stronger and each night I looked forward to seeing her in my dreams more and more. It also began to feel like much more time was passing than possible…as if days, or even weeks, were passing in the dreams each night. I had told no one about the dreams and they were quickly becoming my second life so to speak. Possibly one I enjoyed more than my true life.
On the 5th or 6th night of the dreams as we were sitting on the sofa talking I noticed something that had completely escaped me before. I imagine my focus had been on her so much that I hadn’t even noticed. There were no other people in the dreams. No one was in the yards as I passed the houses. No cars were on the street I rode down. No birds, no airplanes, no TV or music, no ringing phones, no one talking…no sounds at all except for the two of us. I even noticed as I gazed out of a large window in her living room. A window I loved to look out of as we talked since she had many trees in her backyard. That the trees were all still and there was no wind or movement. It even seemed that the light outside was not sunlight, but was artificial and had a strange yellowish tint. It shocked me as this reality dawned on me and I jumped up quickly from the sofa and walked toward the window to get a better look outside. She walked up behind me and asked me if something was wrong. For some reason that I do not know I turned to her and looked her directly in the eyes and said, “You are dead aren’t you?” Her happy face turned sad and she solemnly said, “Yes I am”. With that she disappeared before my eyes leaving me standing alone. I remember that when she vanished I had a feeling of shock, fear, and also…sadness that she was gone.
I never dreamt of her or the house again after that night. I believe in some way I truly and deeply loved her.



3 thoughts on “Courtship from the Unknown—A Personal Story

  1. Hello Dr. Ryles.

    I just read “Courtship from the Unknown – A Personal Story.” Several symbols in the dreams have appeared in my own study of dreams over the past 20 years.

    The bicycle seems to symbolize the duality, which is ideally balanced. This compares well with a feature of the Tree of Life. The seventh sphere (Netzach) and the eighth sphere (Hod) are connected by a pathway, forming a dumbbell type shape. This also compares to the bicycle. The entire “dumbbell” corresponds to the third chakra, the stage of evolution humanity is in at this time. The color of the third chakra is yellow, which might have been suggested in your dream by the “yellowish tint” of the light.

    Some years ago, Dee and I realized that the “sofa” in dreams can suggest the Divine Sophia, the feminine aspect in the Gnostic tradition, who corresponds to the Holy Spirit of the Christians.

    Apparently, it is part of the plan that we are cut off from our feminine aspect before we reach adulthood. It is also apparent that we eventually reunite at some point.


    Joseph E. Mason

  2. I think what happened is you were experiencing “daily resude” in your dream. Because you thought of that dream all day, it happened again at night. It sounds like you got a little closure from the dream also, so that’s nice. when I want to have a lucid dream, this is usually the path I take. I try to think about something I want to do in my dream during the day to develop that particular daily resude. That way, when I start dreaming about that thought, I can more easily recognize it and get into the dream – becoming lucid easier.

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