4-23-2010 —Well Over 350,000 Blog Visits…Thank You All

Ever so often I stop and take stock of all of my blessings. I know it is bad but often this “taking stock” happens when I am sick ( as I have been over the past few days). I guess an illness forces you to slow down and look at things. I counted MANY blessings in my life both great and small. I have many people who love and care about me. I am for the most part healthy…no major illnesses or problems. I am for the most part happy. I am very rarely sad or depressed. Another thing I am very blessed by is my many and great blog followers at my main blog and at my MySpace blog. Between my 2 blogs I have gotten well over 350,000 visits. I have only seriously been posting at MySpace for a little over a month and am already getting almost 2,000 visit’s a week. Also between the 2 blogs I have over 2,000 comments so they are good and active. I am very proud of my blogs and honored by my many great and loyal followers. Thank you all.

P.S.: I do try to answer all of my emails…I am a little slow since I get so many but I do try to get to them all.

Best wishes,


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