Clothes Strangely Appear…A True Story By Dr. Donald Ryles


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This is a true and quite strange story. Not sure if you would call it truly supernatural, but I can not firmly explain it any other way.

Over the recent Christmas holidays( this story was written a few years ago) , due to work and the holidays themselves, I had neglected to to my weekly laundry for a while. When everything calmed down after the holidays I headed to the laundry room at my apartment complex with a large load of whites. I had decided to do the whites and colors on separate days since I had so many clothes to do.

I washed and dried the clothes like always and when they had finished drying I checked the washers and dryers I had used once more as I always did to make sure I had gotten all of the clothes out of them before I headed home. . Since I had such a large load I didn’t notice that several pairs of my socks, 5 pairs to be exact, and 2 towels were missing until I was folding, coupling, and putting them all away. I immediately went back to check the washers and dryers once more, even though I already had, and as expected they were not there. I came home and searched everywhere for the lost clothes, although I always keep my dirty clothes in one place, and they were no place to be found.

As strange and absurd as it might have seemed to me I came to the conclusion that the only logical explanation was that someone had stolen the 5 pairs of socks and the 2 towels. I shook my head in disbelief and resigned myself to that thought and went back about my business.

The next week I did my laundry as usual and nothing happened. Then the following week the strangeness began. There are 2 folding tables in the laundry and as I went in to put my clothes in the washer the tables were empty and I was the only one doing laundry. When I returned and put the clothes in the dryer, once again the tables were empty and no one  else  was washing. When I returned to get my dried clothes I noticed a small stack of wet clothes on one of the tables, but paid it no attention until I was leaving the laundry and looked closer. The stack was my 2 towels and some other clothes wrapped in a bundle with them. They were wet just as if they had came out of the washer 2 hours before …they had been missing for 2 WEEKS.  A chill went up my spine as I unwrapped the wet towels expecting to  find my 5 missing pairs of socks, but to my surprise and shock I did not find my socks. Strangely instead I found a pair of men’s briefs and 3 mismatched socks, none of which belonged to me.

I realize this could have been done by a living person, but if so they went to great and elaborate lengths to do it. To begin with the complex I live it is fairly large and has around 200 residents and secondly I do my wash at different times and different days. Someone would have had to watch me do my wash the first time  and take my clothes and then watch the laundry day and night for  2 weeks until they saw me return and then

sneak in and leave the wet towels and clothes that were not mine.

It is all quite strange.

The socks have still not been found or returned from wherever they may now be.

Copyright 2008 Donald Ryles




2 thoughts on “Clothes Strangely Appear…A True Story By Dr. Donald Ryles

  1. When my father died we (my daughter & newborn son,my son and myself) were living in a motel. I noticed that sometimes my grandson would be in his baby-bed he would be staring up into the corner as if someone was floating up near the ceiling. That’s when it started. Usually one of us would be looking for something-car keys, book,etc. We would all but “toss” the room and be totally frustrated when whatever we would be looking for would be “noticed” in an obvious place. Some place where we couldn’t have missed it-like in the middle of the kitchen table or on the dresser. And yes, my father had been a practical-joker of sorts.

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