When Dogs Die: A Metaphysical View

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I found this video and it touched me since I have lost several pets that I loved dearly This is a great video that all animal lovers will enjoy. It was written and performed by Stefan Stenudd, an Author, Artist, and Aikido Instructor who lives in Sweden. ,


7 thoughts on “When Dogs Die: A Metaphysical View

  1. I was so looking forward to seeing this vedio as we are animal lovers and have lost several over the years. However I can’t get into the video. I do believe dogs have spirits, as do other animals. I remember when we had to have our beloved Cookie put down, I saw her the next day standing in the bathroom door looking at me and she looked 10 years younger and healthy. I believe she came back briefly to let me know she was ok.

    • Dear Margaret,
      I don’t doubt that you did see Cookie coming back to let you know that all was well *S*. I had a cat named Boots that was hit by a car and killed a few years ago and I still believe from time to time I feel him jump up on my bed at night and walk up behind me.
      As far as the video you may need to upgrade your Adobe Flashplayer to version 10. I had that problem and have heard from a few others who could not see the videos and doing that fixed the problem. It is free to do and you can do it at http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html
      Best wishes,

  2. The first cat I had, Cricket, after he passed, I had to tell him to go play and I’d be with him soon. He ran up and down the hall and his collar had a metal tag that made a tinkling The second cat, Snickers, I told to go find Cricket and Grandpa, they’d love her as much as I. She kept jumping on the bed

  3. I saw my dog laying in the doorway of the bathroom a few weeks after she died. That was her favorite place to lay. I was on my way to the bathroom and almost stepped on what I thought was her. When I turned around she was gone. It looked just like her when she was here on earth.

  4. I have been into Orb photography before most people even knew about them. After my dog died of cancer sometime later I was taking pictures around my home I captured his face in Orbs. I went to MI to help my mom when she got ill and while there I took pictures and he showed up there too. The other day, I got a Ecto-Plasma of him. It’s the first time I experienced an animal of mine showing up after it’s death. I have known people that have though. One of my pictures and someone else I know picture of their dog full body is in the most recent book of Arlene Jenkins. Just amazing beautiful souls.

    • Shelly,
      Thank you for the uplifting comment 🙂 I know it helps a lot of us out here…me included…to feel that our pets live on after death . I’ll bet you felt a great peace when you saw your dogs image in the orb . Congrats on being featured in the book 🙂
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

      • Hi Dr. Ryles!

        His loss was so hard on me, so you are so right I do find Peace knowing he is still watching over me like he did when he was alive. Thank you 🙂

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