My Strange Birthday Numerology By Dr. Donald Ryles

Thank you so much to everyone on MySpace, Facebook, my Blog , and the Google Groups that wished me a Happy Birthday ( May 29 ) . It really meant a lot to me to hear from so many. I thought I would post this numerology of my birthday and my life as it is connected for some who may not know it about me. Enjoy…and once again thank you all so much for the great B-Day wishes *S*

Best wishes,


The number 29 has been extremely evident in my life (2 + 9 = 11)

I was born 5- 29- 1965

My father passed away on 5- 29 -1989

He was 29 years old when I was born

My parents had been married 29 years when he passed away.

I have had two very beloved dogs in my life . One passed away on 3-29-01 and the other passed many years before and was scheduled to be buried on a 26th, but due to an error was buried the 29th .

I have also had many instances( more than 10) of the number 529 or 29 showing up on my membership cards, ID cards, etc that have had randomly generated numbers. Most notably was my first library card.

My class of about 60 went to the library to get our cards. The cards had already been randomly numbered and hundreds were in a box. When we got there we each went to the desk and told our names and the librarian would pull a random card out of the box and type our name on it. My card was numbered something like 000529001.

Almost on a daily basis 29 or 11 prominently  shows up in some way.





4 thoughts on “My Strange Birthday Numerology By Dr. Donald Ryles

  1. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, Dr. Donald. May you have many, many more and ALL happy ones!! Numerology has always fascinated me but never really got into it much. Now, I’m inspired again. Thank you for the reminder of how odd and fun this can be. Have a FUN weekend.

  2. Happy birthday. we share the same birth number…however I on’t believe we have any of the other oddities in common. I am consitantly seeing 11:11.

  3. A belated happy birthday’ to you. What a fascinating numerological setup you have, and I suspect that you attract those numbers for a very good reason. Please see 11:11 Parts One and Two on my blog. (Links below). We entered 11:11 energy in November 2009, and 11:11:11 energy on November 11 and 29. It will effect us all for a long time to come. It would seem that you came into this lifetime to evolve rapidly!

    My very best wishes,
    Christine DeLorey

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