Total Proof of Alien Life and the Government Cover

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6 thoughts on “Total Proof of Alien Life and the Government Cover

  1. Don’t sweat it. It’s been known for so long and now disclosed by so many other countries. The US is a sad representation of a country much less a free country.

    The hidden technology from ET’s could allow us to live lives that would be dramatically earth friendly, but unfortunately for the powers to be that would level the playing field and they certainly don’t want that. I’ve had 4 ufo sightings. Two very close. If you don’t believe, you’re deceiving yourself. They’re as real as you reading this right now. Wake up people.

  2. yes, if they recognized the presence of aliens, we could have excellent health care, free energy and improved sources of food. But sadly, our congress is one of the most corrupt, greedy, and sick bodies we have had in power in the history of America.

  3. How do they “know of” 4 groups? There was no proof in this video at all! but his babbling.

    What did your UFOs look lik?

    The flying saucers/dishs/crescends/bells are Nazi–the aliens here would be German.
    The lihts are plasmas, Earth lihts, or ball lightning.
    The flying triangles, in my theory, are laser kites and work samely as Lightcraft. Some other broad shapes may carry jet engines with coherent soundwaves to cancel or cloak their hum.

  4. There is no coverup just as there is no coverup after the wikilekes, coz’ VOA, Voice of America in their 18- May 2001 DATELINE USA Programme “PROJECT DISCLOSURE” had made public all there is to know of Aliens presece in US.It is now up to the individual in us to make the ET contact to fulfill our desires. Govt. can take us only to the water, but cannot make us drink.

  5. I’m kind of prejudiced in favor of the late Ivan Sanderson. I do believe “they” have been on earth since the start and probably have most of their bases underwater to remain concealed. As has been said in many places: “The god(s) made man in their image.

  6. STAR BEINGS DO EXIST! I’ve had several contact experiences and after one of them, my metaphysical gifts grew exponentially. The government wants total control over UFO sightings and the like. People, stop being sheep and letting the government control your beliefs and ideas. Stand up for yourselves and open up to those intelligent star brothers and sisters who want to become your friends and family.

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