Unusual “Face” Seen In BP Oil Spill Video

This is a bit strange. Some people feel they are seeing a face ( in the right hand center of the frame) in this footage of the underwater oil spill in the Gulf. It is most likely paradolia…but I must admit it seems to hold its shape for quite some time which would not seem typical of oil or mud. What do you think ?…Paradolia, Photoshop…or something else.





5 thoughts on “Unusual “Face” Seen In BP Oil Spill Video

  1. http://www.stockrocker.blogspot.com

    Could be stillness in the water for a short period of time and some suspension hanging there to appear as it does. There are all sorts of particles made of various things floating in the waters. May have been the afterbirth of a sea creature. Like a delicate translucent bag of some sort.

  2. That is indeed strange. looks like the face had a head with hair. Anyone ever seen pictures of the rig workers who died the day the rig blew?

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