ANOTHER Strange Event in the 1928 Charlie Chaplin “Time Travel” Film ?

This is the first few minutes of the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film “The Circus”. At the 33-36 second area there appears a man standing in the shadows to the right in the video who is wearing a suit and tie and seems to have an unusual looking face. It seems he has no mouth or nose and has either strange looking eyes or is wearing dark glasses. It seems he looks very out of place in the film . Thoughts ? Opinions ? This great find was brought to my attention by avreimy at YouTube. The clip was posted by Buren2010 at YouTube



7 thoughts on “ANOTHER Strange Event in the 1928 Charlie Chaplin “Time Travel” Film ?

  1. whoever found this has extremely sharp eyes.
    using gamma to lighten the photo shows he has NO mouth or nose.
    the eyes are very large and completely white.
    i dont see any glasses.

  2. At 33 to 36 seconds, I only see the ticket guy on the left side, and he has a nose and mouth. I don’t see anyone else there. What am I missing? Can someone post a still highlighting what we should look for?

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  4. As for the mouth and nose, to me, it looks like he has a cup of coffee or tea in front of it. The eyes??? Very strange.

  5. Even more interesting *to me…at 24 to 26 a woman wearing a hat passes behind the zebra talking on a cell phone…did they have them then…she has it in her left hand toward the audience/viewers…

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