New Report-What Is This That Is Found In WTC 9-11 Video ?—Alien Origin ?

This was brought to my attention today . Is this something unusual or just a piece of debris falling from the plane ? What do you think ?



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2 thoughts on “New Report-What Is This That Is Found In WTC 9-11 Video ?—Alien Origin ?

  1. The object appears to be a cosmosphere about 30-35 ft in width. With its anti-gravity drive system, it is protected by a shield of electromagnetic force field properties.

    This is why it comes out a round object with no damage or affect of just smashing through a building at high speed. Such a feat could only be withstood by a cosmosphere. This is old star wars technology that the Russians have perfected. It stands to reason that it is also in our own inventory of secret craft. To me the object is a cosmosphere.

    The plane at the start of the video is CGI video and was place into the scene to hide the cosmosphere. Since it is very fast, few if anyone saw it exit the other side of the building where it came out. Such is the affect of such a fast vehicle. Combined with shape, no one would have noticed anything or recognized the object.

  2. I don’t know, but it was with the plane before it the building. I have to agree with you Mr. Cati, it the only thing that makes since.

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