Photo Of Cat Spirit ?

tviscante at YouTube writes :

I found something very strange in an old photo. There’s a second photo involved, taken in the same room, but at a different angle (the fan’s in the front that time around, rather than the side). AGAIN, there’s some kind of faint transparent gray image at the end of the table. I have looked through hundreds of my other photos I have ever taken and never had this happen again; there is NO WAY a double exposure can happen in two photos!
This is also not Photoshop. I have never used Photoshop. Photoshop not only didn’t exist 20 years before when this photo was taken, it also did not put the image on the camera negative either, that’s physically impossible.


2 thoughts on “Photo Of Cat Spirit ?

  1. For those of us who have common sense and photography knowledge, this is nothing more than a accidental double exposure.

    The “once you get into the paranormal” you notice things that you did not see before is true. If you are looking for ghosts and don’t use critical thinking you will see ghosts everywhere you look for them.

  2. Then there are TWO ghost cats. The reflection in the window below the “shimmery stuff” the poster noted is a tuxedo cat looking straight at the camera. If it were the reflection of the physical cat, you would be looking at the back, not the face.

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