Did The Devil Imprint This Door ?

Is this remarkable door ( photos below) just a case of paradolia…or something more ? Some feel that spirits,angels, or demons can leave their imprints in wood . One of my readers , Dan Moore, is in possession of this door and wrote me the following recently :

I saw a post on your site of a Demon door about a week ago. The one i have is staggeringly clear, full body, torso, arms legs and genitalia.. ONE of a kind ! All NATURAL wood grain ! This door is for sale. If you are interested in knowing more his email is dannyboy6463@yahoo.com

Click Thumbnails for larger view.

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One thought on “Did The Devil Imprint This Door ?

  1. The figure is vaguely humanoid, at least from the waist down, but why does that make it the Devil?

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