UFO making 90 degree turns – original footage

ShadoXAV  at YouTube Writes :

Caught this UFO while taping time lapse footage of clouds. The clouds were clearing as the sun went down. That is when the UFO was caught streaking across the sky. I thought it might be a high flying jet until it made its two sharp 90 degree turns. I have seen jets make high speed turns at high altitudes but they can’t turn this sharp at high altitudes. I don’t know what it is. If anyone knows what it is please post your comment.

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31 thoughts on “UFO making 90 degree turns – original footage

  1. My advise is not to waist valuable time on UFOs or apparent UOFs. A mere odd looking thing on a video is absolutely no proof of any thing. Until the day some being comes to us and intellegently expalins where he came from and why, we should not bother our heads.

    The video in question could be a projection from a glass slide on a microscope stand. The UFO is a swimming parameceum.

    • Ya this makes good sense, and of course everything is circumspect, of course, and I’ve never seen a ufo…HOWEVER, all you need to do is trust 1 person that has seen a ufo. Just 1 person and you need to either decide if that person is a lier or if that person is just like you and wouldn’t like and is just telling their experience. For me it was a family member. Yes they could lie. But everything in your life is like that. So actually it seems like if you have any first or second hand experience with ufos and you believe in them, then JUST BECAUSE shit is weirder then weird and doesn’t add up doesn’t mean dismiss everything until you understand it 100%….So my big question is how could humanity systematize the knowledge of ufos or systematize a way to dismiss them? The military’s of earth probably do, why can’t the people get an open source program analysis type thing on the web that can start to figure this out for us? Does anyone know of the best theory in regards to systematizing information about this?????? People should get hot on the next steps not the same old debate!! -imho

      • plz excuse typo……………( just like you and wouldn’t “lie” and is just telling their experience.)

      • Gartman, another way is to see them for yourself. Having seen several kinds in my life, including two very close encounters during daylight and dusk, I assure you there is no better way to know. Then you watch clowns like Dad/pete making arses of themselves bleating away like lost sheep and try to control your contempt for their total smallness of mind and lack of curiosity or even sufficient logic to realise that their own lack of experience is hardly enough to reject that of others.

        Most people simply NEVER look up, never watch the sky. These days more than ever this is true.

    • Why did you even wake up to tel us this? Go back to sleep and leave the curiosity you have no comprehension of to those who do have it.

  2. i don’t know but back in 1992ish while driving home in Hawaii overlooking the ocean i saw something similar. 5-7 bright dots of lights out over the ocean in the sky going in the same direction as us, parallel. while pondering what they might be…helicopter, jet, etc., they all in unison made several high speed acute angle zigzags back and forth in the sky (no planes or helicopters can do that) then all of sudden moved with great speed (faster than any jet or plane) out over the horizon in the same original direction (parallel to us) (like 5+ miles in a split second).

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  4. This is a highly edited video. The Clouds that disappear instantly, are timelapsed extremely fast.

    Not natural speed at all of a cloud dissipation. Also the setting sun leaves the only explanation which glare from a lens, Sun goes down, glare goes up.

  5. A few summers ago I saw a small dark colored object making a series of high G turns that could not possibly have been an any aircraft, and I have seen many aircraft having served on an aircraft carrier. I watched for a few minutes and I was convinced that I was watching something that must be extraterrestrial in origin; so I went into the house to fetch a camera and my binoculars. When I viewed the object through the binoculars I was totally surprised! The object was not an aircraft or any other type of man man machine. It was a Chimney Sweep (bird) but it was not miles away like I had orginally thought, but only about 50 yards away from me. The light and my imagination had fouled my perception. I’m not saying that is what is presented here; I am just relaying an experience I had not long ago.

  6. I saw these on the space shuttle video footage, they are ice crystals propelled by the maneuvering thrusters, or maybe swamp gas.

  7. This is as fake as a $3 bill. I agree with what common senser said – it’s obvious that this is a highly edited video. Clouds don’t dissipate that fast.

  8. Its nothing but an out of focused insect folks…. when are the kiddies going to stop believing in UFOs…. there are NO UFO’s…

    • And there isn’t 50 billion planets in our Milky Way….oh. Wait.

      Only those still clinging to paleolithic beliefs in some “invisible man creating everything” thinks we are alone in the infinite Universe.

    • flying shield
      flying chariot
      Aurora airship
      Battle of Los Angeles
      flying three-pronged crescent
      flying disc
      flying cigar
      flying triangle

      laser beams
      radar bogeys
      landing gear imprints
      burn marks
      leftover radiation
      missing time
      magnetized scorched car hood
      dented cars
      anomalic metal isotopes
      microwaved grass stalks
      humic acid

      Disclosure Project
      Ancient Aliens, History Channel
      many cable shows

  9. These are spherical silver metalic craft. they are approx 8 to 10 ft in diameter and usually travel in groups of three or more. These craft also have the ability to phase in and out of visibility and have been photographed materializing into visable light. The craft often appear in photographs where there was no craft present in the initial observation prior to taking the photograph. The siver orbs are prevelent in numerous chemtrail photos and have even been seen on google earth. They are not UAVs even though they are similar to Litton Systems silver sphere UAVs in appearence. The craft have ability to cloak and are of some intellegent control. The craft also seem to be aware of observation and intention and are quite numerous in numbers. They will make their appearance on digital photographs if requested usally no closer than 100 yards but usually a bit more. There have also been photos of these silver orbs accompanied by silver disked shaped craft approx twice their size. I do not claim to know what they are however it is fact, they are everywhere!

  10. It’s a time lapse video, so whatever it was, it wasn’t moving that fast, and the turn
    would not have been high G.

  11. Well since its time lapse footage then the object in questions must have been moving extremely slowly to be caught on tape (memory) for that long. Its likely a bug crawling on the window or something like that. Couldn’t be a plane.

  12. There are different types of UFOs out there. This one to me resembles something of what is referred to as a “Rod”.

  13. Two years ago i saw 3 of a similar craft as the one in your video. It was near downtown Seattle and hey were moving a lot slower, flying between some large cumulous clouds in a zig zag fashion. It’s the first time i’ve ever seen a so-called UFO that defies conventional craft in flight physics. Subsequently, I have seen a lot of these captured by people and YouTube has a lot of them.

  14. This video does appear to be heavily edited. There is one way to present video footage if you want to be taken seriously even by believers. You need to give us the highest fidelity and NO EDITING!!!

    Provide a separate edited version afterwards if you like but any editing brings out the sceptic in anybody, or should.

  15. What about the object almost standing still a the right of the ufo as it make its 90 degree turn?
    you can see it is large compare to the ufo, this large object makes a small bank on the left side and it even look like its facing the same direction of the ufo departure and disapear not to long after ?
    Looks tilded at about 60 to 70 degrees up or same direction of ufo as it make its departure.

    one could say it is the USS DEFIANT 😎

  16. An “Update” for the “Uninformed”…which, by the way, inculdes the vast majority of our “scientific community”.

    There are 4 fundimental reasons why the “powers that be” take the position they do:

    1. They are deathly afraid of a national panic.

    2. They cannot admit that they have been lying to the public for over 60 years.

    3. They cannot admit that compartmental elements of both the military and intelligence communities have and are cooperating with Aliens.

    4. They cannot admit that human body parts have been found stored aboard downed alien space craft and that humans are abducted and kept alive in special storage vats underground for “scientific use” .

  17. It certainly looks like a rod. It’s a scout ship and they comes in many different shapes and sizes.

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