Paranormal Activity- Indian Doll moves by itself

Mizzmealwayz at YouTube Says: Watch as the Indian Doll on the dresser moves by itself…. This was taken on video cam during the day by my father in law who walked out of the room and left the cam recording for a bit after seeing a dark figure… It Is NOT A HOAX people!!!

Personal Note: If the TV, that you can see the reflection of,is not turned on it looks to me that there is a very clear figure on the screen that moves very little but appears sinister to me. What do you think.

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5 thoughts on “Paranormal Activity- Indian Doll moves by itself

  1. i have seen eyes move easier. i try not to keep spooky looking faces for this reason. I won’t do chucky. one thing I can not tolerate is scary movies. why make fear?

  2. I seen the face. The doll moving is just wicked scary. What makes it even worse is she moves to where she’s faceing the camcorder. Good piece of evidence, from what I can tell. This is going into my keep files. lol

  3. I didn’t see the doll move, but I did see the being on/near the TV. It seemed to be male and appeared to be talking.

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