Japan Earthquake And Tsunami : Strange Object Seen As Tsunami Hits Coast

This was posted today and brought to my attention . It was posted by  LeaveMyCar @ YouTube who found what he feels is an oddity in the coverage of the tsunami. Some say this is just a helicopter…Some say it is way too fast for a helicopter…and some don’t have any idea what it is. What do you think ?


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17 thoughts on “Japan Earthquake And Tsunami : Strange Object Seen As Tsunami Hits Coast

  1. WOW! Now That is something. It does not look to be a helicopter. And it looks as if comes out of the water. What could it be?

  2. yup, it looks like a ufo. its way too fast and it has a silvery trail. cant be a helicopter or a plane coz its much too low. so weird!

  3. That does not look like a helicopter… it doesn’t even have any rotor blades like helicopters have.. that thing is creepy and dodged everything in its path like nothing, so theres no way it was just some object.

  4. Some type of electromagnetic plazma. Maybe had nothing to do with the quake. But it was seen because of the intense survelience after the quake.

  5. This is no UFO because it is not flying. I definately is a UO but it looks more like drop of water streaking across the glass of aircraft which the video was taken.

  6. I saw a later image of the tsunami. A helicopter was zipping around at a rapid rate of speed. Its shadow on the ground confirmed it as a helicopter. The footage was just as blurry as the other anomaly, so I think maybe it was a helicopter that was trying to position for better footage for the tsunami.

  7. I’m afraid I don’t agree its any of these things, drone, water, helicopter, plane…that said, I haven’t the slightest idea what it is, but I’ve passed it around on Facebook, sent to a few friends who do some extensive research for their opinion. I’ve tried enhancing it, magnified it up to 800X without much help. But one thing that I noticed, it looks like it’s got sections to it. Anyone else try enhancing it?

  8. Could it be a large bird? Because of the distance, (perspective) it would look large and the distance travelled would look further and faster because it is maybe 50m above ground. It has that jerky movement of a bird. But truthfully, I’m baffled.
    I’d welcome a UFO that rescued people! Where’s Superman when you need him???

  9. Theres a black one and a white one my guess it could be the white horseman and the black horseman of the apocalypse the only one missing is the red. Why not?

  10. One morning coming home from work I happen to look up and seen both the white and black flying side by side. Hey who knows maybe God is warning us that the rapture is about to come soon. Just ready yourselves!

  11. Its the suns glare on glass.. Notice how it changes direction at the end in tandem with the helicopter..

    Look for the obvious first

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