Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Part 3 : Strangest Object Of All Moving Above Flood Waters

Here is the third video that has been brought to my attention of different strange objects seen in or before the Japan Tsunami . This shows an object floating over a flood of debris. The pattern that it seems to move in…and moving against the flood…seems quiet strange. What do you feel ?

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6 thoughts on “Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Part 3 : Strangest Object Of All Moving Above Flood Waters

  1. It could be just a piece of paper or something like that floating in the wind but then I don’t know what direction the wind was moving that day either, other than that I don’t know. I did see two other ones at the begining of the video.

  2. it was a soul, a person’s soul a person evolved enough to realize what happened and wanted to see what was coming in, that is why it was going against the wall of water.

  3. I like what Alice said…and it truly could be a soul watching the devastation and what was to come. I think this dot kept flying for too long to be a piece of paper.

  4. It looks like a bird to me, especially the way it is flying into the wind. Birds will fly a staggered pattern when flying directly into the wind. Watch one someday and you will see what I mean. I raise and rescue birds and it was the first thing that came to mind and it looked to me like you could even see the wings flapping as it flew into the wind.

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