EVP collection – 10 very clear spirit ghost voices

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3 thoughts on “EVP collection – 10 very clear spirit ghost voices

  1. You must be very optimistic that these are voices of actual people.It says 10 very clear spirit voices.When can we hear them?Is this tape some kind of trailer for them?I hope they are quite clear,unlike the ones on this recording.Do you decide what is supposedly being said,because there’s no way the so called voices are saying what you believe they are saying

  2. I agree with Shaun, the voices are there no doubt. However, they don’t seem to be interpreted correctly. I’m not saying that I can understand the EVP. It’s just that they are not really distinct. I have heard EVP’s which are way clearer that this. Have you tried looking for more videos on youtube? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Some really good EVP here, and some are quite clear. My only suggestion would be to ease up on the noise reduction. Just a touch will reduce background noise and hiss, but over-processing can make some EVP unrecognizable. If you’re using Audacity, don’t go below 250 Hz on the Frequency Smoothing setting of the noise reduction feature. You will still clear up the EVP, but it won’t end up sounding like random computer chatter. Good luck on your investigations!

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