Vatican Prepares for UFO Alien Disclosure

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3 thoughts on “Vatican Prepares for UFO Alien Disclosure

  1. 2/2011
    An “Update” for the “Uninformed”…which, by the way, inculdes the vast majority of the “scientific community”.

    There are 4 fundimental reasons why the “powers that be” take the position they do:

    1. They are deathly afraid of a national panic.

    2. They cannot admit that they have been lying to the public for over 60 years.

    3. They cannot admit that compartmental elements of both the military and intelligence communities have and are cooperating with Aliens.

    4. They cannot admit that human body parts have been found stored aboard downed alien space craft and that humans are abducted and kept alive in special storage vats underground for “scientific use” .

    Note: All of the above is true for all nations to greater or lesser degrees.

  2. How very arrogant of the vatican and the human race, we as a species can’t even colonise our nearest planet, the moon, and we think we are going too educate and dominate visitors from other planets,get real, we are just a nursery planet, probabley a million years behind the aliens,who can travel light years across the divide, we will be the pupils,if and when the time arrives for envoys from other stars arrive, but make no mistake, if we make the mistake of thinking we are better and more powerful than them,they will demonstrate true power, and believe me,we will see what an absolute comedy,the film INDEPENDENCE DAY TRULY WAS… warned, are leaders have yet too learn

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