UFO ABDUCTION – Italian Woman Impregnated by Aliens

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One thought on “UFO ABDUCTION – Italian Woman Impregnated by Aliens

  1. What can you say when a report has so much evidence … you’ll believe or not believe … some will believe and try to discredit the story because they know celestials such as this are true …

    I consider that the race of this negative ion species is dying out … and they need human hosts to survive … yet the body is not the problem … they need a compatible organic brain pattern for their neuron circuitry of consciousness ….

    If they had been able to alter the physical brain network .. their DNA consciousness could trigger the electrical charged neuron pattern of the brain and program the brain to program the development of the body …

    This is blaspheme … and will not be allowed to happen … the neuron pattern of the human’s physical brain was design to be compatible with a specific DNA electrical charged neuron pattern … and was designed by the Master Creator …

    Only the Creator of consciousness can design such a compatible ‘neuron circuitry of life giving electrical charged energy’ for their species of a human being …

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