Dr. Michio Kaku describes three types of aliens

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Michio Kaku describes three types of aliens

  1. I think his premise is intrinsically correct, some aspects of his paradigm are simplistic. He doesn’t take into account intrusions by competing type 1 and type 2 civilizations to acquire and exploit planetary resources via the creation of a slave/labor force. Purportedly the Anunnaki did exactly as he said; initially sending out bioroids to scout out suitable planets for mining and colonization. They took it a step further and created homo sapiens for their own purposes; but a remnant of the custodial race has always been here on planet earth; they use human proxies to maintain control via divide and conquer; the human proxies have had the opportunity to exploit advanced Type 1 technologies to ensure their dominance over the masses. this represents a violation of the “prime directive” and contamination of the slave race’s natural evolutionary development. This contamination whether genetically or culturally or technologically has been a contentious issue for the remnant custodians planet side and the star born royals off planet. The political dynamics are such that the existence of the custodian s planet side and the slave race are called into question. Remember the monolith on Europa in 2001 kept the human cabal (masters and slaves) from violating their territory limiting the type of contamination that has occurred here. The Anunnaki themselves have no problem with culling the herd and starting again with new custodial s and new slaves. It is my conjecture that extinction level events (ELE) are cyclic and germane to the life cycle of our planet and solar system. These ELE’s are used to determine whether or not a race is qualified to continue into type 1, 2, or 3 development. Unfortunately I think we have missed our opportunity for this type of transition; collectively we have not shown the vision nor the aptitude to transition effectively out of ELE paradigms so there is a price that the slaves and the custodial remnant will pay for their stupidity.

  2. [“allowFullScreen”:”true”,”allowscriptaccess”:”always”,”src”:”http://www.youtube.com/v/vXj4Po86gT0?fs=1&hl=en_US”,”allowfullscreen”:”true”]

    This all sounds very good, but his comments about “terrorists” may be bullshit, depending on what he has in mind.

    Is he inferring that those who cling to the U.S. Constitution (and it variants imposed on nations conquered during WW2, who are the most prosperous on the globe) with checks and balances… who hate dictators, and jealously guard liberties (and are armed for their own protection) — are terrorists?

    There is NO better form of government than an American style Republic. It is so sad that America no longer has one, and needs amending. The global system he is speaking of is now headed for a global dictatorship under a European-style “progressive” (regressive) system, which became obsolete long ago under the tutelage of men like John Locke, who was forgotten, replaced by Carl Marx, who is now being forgotten in John Locke’s favor.

    If you want to know what good government looks and feels like, see http://CumberlandCountyTeaParty.org/index.html#what-we-expect

    If we are to have a prosperous world, we can’t have dictators and need sound government. The U.S. Constitution produced the finest economy in history, until progressives got hold of the reins of government around 1918… wolves in sheep’s clothing. Don’t be fooled. Those who want liberty are not terrorists. If you want a sound global system,makes sure it runs on liberty, not totalitarianism.

    Ask yourself… what global system was portrayed in the movie Starship Troopers? It was a REPUBLIC! So was The Federation in Star Trek… emphasized by its episode about “Cloud William.”

    Keep up the good work Dr. Kaku… don’t try and reinvent the wheel, and don’t get sucked in by evil people like George (which means Gog in Hebrew) Schwartz (which means black) who changed his name to SOROS. Soros (which means “The One Who Is To Come”) aim is to destabilize currencies and get filthy rich in the process.

  3. I would say his time line of a hundred years is off about 99.6 years or more … lol … the type 2 and 3 celestial worlds are already around us … and have extended far out in deep space within this the 7th Plane …

    Yet type 4 and type 5 has recently come into play entering in from outside this the 7th Plane …. this type 4 and 5 celestial, carry knowledge and technology for exceeding even the imagination of all other types …

    Type 5 are machine by characteristic of designs … no man can inherit the Kingdom of GOD …

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