Top Secret Alien image from UFO crash in Roswell 1947 leaked 2011

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8 thoughts on “Top Secret Alien image from UFO crash in Roswell 1947 leaked 2011

  1. Pretty sure this has already been exposed as a scene from “The X-Files”. Alas, doing homework is such a chore….

    • Yes, I had heard that it was a scene from “X-Files” but also heard that it was not…so I wasn’t sure . I have a habit anymore to post and let people decide . A few years ago I posted something which many people wrote to me and said was a fake , so I took it down . I heard from the person who had brought it to my atention who proved that it was indeed fact .

  2. The government covers up 99% of ufos and I believe there are alive aliens still hidden in area 51 . And we have nothing to fear from our star brothers. I believe they are trying to teach us to stop our own destruction of mother earth and live in balance.

  3. I would hope that they are alive. I would also hope they want us to change. But if one looks at the history of our species, former and present governments, and just nasty way we are as a species,
    I doubt if the truth will ever be known, given the present governments decision to withhold the truth. So long as we continue to blow each other up, and have renegade countries, not much chance. Our star brothers are a lot smarter than we, so I suspect they will sit back and watch us destroy ourselves.
    It’s a sad tale to tell.

  4. Roswell 1947 has a few things in common with the Wales UFO Crash of 1974, 27 years later. According to reports, the local police could not get to it, as it was cordonned off by the militairy.
    Alien bodies were, as they said later, transported by the army’s logistic corps to Portadown, the secret militairy area. This event is still not widely published today in comparison with other non-crash ufo encounters.

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