Reincarnation Proof [BANNED] True Story Caught on Film That Shocks The World !

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25 thoughts on “Reincarnation Proof [BANNED] True Story Caught on Film That Shocks The World !

  1. The only truth about ‘reincarnation’ is that of the false memories that Satan gives those who think they have previous lives. “And it is appointed a man once to die, but after this the judgment.” So says God’s word in the book of Hebrews in scripture. God has the final say-so Dr. Ryles, not human opinion.

    • Not all religions share the same views as you, and just because you claim for this to be the “absolute truth” does not make it be so, just like standing in a garage does not make you a car.

      • Absolutely, I am with Angel Rahi. but of course that is the inherent problem with religions…The root of a religion is that it is the ONLY way, the ONE way to get to God (or whatever name you want to give the creator of all). Now, the religions also say that you must truly believe and have “faith” that it is the one true way. Therefore ALL other ways MUST be wrong. This I believe is the actual work of Satan; to develop religions to separate people in such a way as they kill and treat each other in ways that go against the way we should be which is loving and accepting, and just live and experience this life, our life.

    • Jay C, there are many other religious books and the fact that you follow blindly one of them doesn’t make it the one and only truth. please educate yourself, not just do and think whatever was told you to….

      • Very good reply. Also try educate yourself about Spiritism. Allan Kardec. I like it.

        “Unshakable faith is only that which can
        meet reason face to face in every human
        epoch.” — Allan Kardec

    • If one is to choose Scripture as your measure of what exists and not exists, stop cherry picking. The collected wisdom of many people over 4000+ years which you call the Bible, and their attempts to coalesce and understand their experience which was awesome enough for them to write about, when writing was NOT easy, should make an open mind humble when it reads it. You do not know the author of Hebrews (to verify he/she was correct), and even Jesus suggested that John the Baptist was the ‘reincarnated’ Elijah. You know that Saul got into trouble for ‘divining’ Samuel (a disembodied spirit). And don’t even get into “I was ‘in the spirit’ on the Lord’s day” which sounds awfully like astral projection. Jesus spoke in metaphor (ie Parables) as he struggled to explain his experience (ie ..BEFORE Abraham was, I am!) to thick heads who couldn’t or refused to understand him. You presume a lot, when one claims to KNOW God’s word rather than humbly explore the wisdom contained within Scripture. To claim a form of Godliness, but deny the power is very easy to do but I would suggest Scripture has plenty of room for multiple lifetimes. But I know a dogmatic mind wouldn’t see that as a possibility. C’est la vie.

  2. Jay C. …… Go to your bed, cover your head and sleep for 20 years…………… the rest of us don’t need anybody out there wandering around like a zombie who is as brainwashed as you are.

  3. Reincarnation is very real, there are many such as myself that knows this. Only some remember, but for anyone to judge is simply ridiculous.

  4. I don’t see Jay C’s. comment as a judgement necessarily. What amazes me is that people are willing to believe anything they see or hear on the internet or TV and acknowledge it as truth or the final word, even on something like reincarnation. Because of this many will take it and make it their own personal dogma. (Yes, see. Because this young man James had this experience, it must be true). I believe, like Jay, that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. and, I have experienced this in a very real way in my own life. I pray for you all, that His grace and mercy will be towards you and that the eyes of your hearts will be open to Him. The only way to blessed eternal life. Sharyn B.

    • Excellent, Sharyn! Amen to your comment! I wish I could express myself like you can; but since I am at a loss for words, I can at least agree with you 100 percent!

  5. Each of us has our own believes and truths. Faith is not as universal as one might like to make it. It is these personal believes that make us who we are. True faith can make anyone a better person. If you believe in reincarnation, then believe it with your heart and have true faith in it. If you believe in God and Jesus Christ, then believe in it with your whole hart and have faith. But do not condemn, judge, or pity others who have faith in what they believe just because it is not your truth. True faith and believe is as personal as any relationship. By having faith, understanding, and compassion for others believes, no matter what they are, we are all made more whole.

  6. When we pass away our souls are recieved by spirits.Those who are not .. here goes..born again on earth in the name of Christ Jesus; are thrust into another body, and will be saved by that one…. no, we do not see our relatives and move on to the light, with our stained souls.

  7. I think the point missed in the message is that people should be open to the possibility of reincarnation. If these were supposedly “false memories” than how is it that it was linked to verified documentation of events that actually occurred, connected to someone who was indeed alive. Discrediting it as lies and blasphemy, without accredited counter evidence is simply insulting, not only to that family but also to anyone else who has experienced something of that nature.

  8. Having first seen the story about James on TV years ago, it was really nice to find this follow-up video. If you liked this video and you are intrested in this topic (especially the spontaneous past life memories of children), you might also be interested in this other video of a speech a past life regression therapist who worked with the little James.

    Her name is Carol Bowman. This is a video from her speech, “Scientific Evidence of Reincarnation”, at the 6th World Spiritist Congress. Valencia, Spain. Oct 10-12, 2010. As the event was held in Spain, the introduction of the speaker is in Spanish, but Carol’s talk is in English.

    Best Regards,

  9. To Jay and all those other judgmental people. How do you know if reincarnation exists or not? Who has given you the ultimate truth? Arrogance is a sin. Personally, yes, I believe in reincarnation and not just because of what I read or see on TV. I would never force my beliefs onto another person and nor should you. Be respectful.

  10. Let’s just ignore the stupid people and smell the roses. Or the ashes, depending if your glass is half full or half empty. Anyway, reincarnation may be possible if you count all the other dimensions we have. Dimensions that may be capable of having a particular pattern of electrical pulses imprinted into it. From there, a copy of one’s consciousness, or perhaps the genuine article, that’s a debate for another time. Anyhow, the consciousness would be capable of latching on to something in prime space, such as an electronic device(machine spirit), a person(reincarnation), or an area(poltergeists and ghosts). Paranormal phenomena that has been dismissed as weather balloons, swamp gas, etc. may become scientific facts one day, and I believe I will see that day in my lifetime.

  11. unshakable faith, for an unshakable generation. I totally believe I am, and will be reicarnated again. If we all read deeply into the bible we would see the things that are hidden in it and grasp the truth. I found out that I’m truelly a beautiful being inside, and I know you just dont go straight to heaven, sorry 😦 heaven is made for the perfect and we all are sinners, so with that being said, be prepared to return, until you become perfect 😉

    • I don’t know ouranos (the heavens) in the Biblical sense La verne. 🙂 And I concur with your sentiment about it as a destination. May I suggest though that Augustine’s concept of the “Fall” may have more to do with his recovering playboy lifestyle, than what is a valid explanation of the metaphorical power in the story of Eve and her husband being duped by the alien reptilian. Maybe life outside the ‘womb’ of Eden, was more of a deliberate intent and a growing up (knowledge of good and evil), than us being ‘fooled’ unfairly. We are simply learning to take responsibility as an adult grows out of childhood, and that may take many lifetimes. But if the Vaticans view of sin as damnation floats one’s boat, because Augustine was useful to that dogma, then who am I to argue? It would not surprise me, if each life here is a voluntary and worthwhile undertaking. I will let you know after I die, and have the proof!!

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