Strange Noises Heard Around The World…What Are They ?

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2 thoughts on “Strange Noises Heard Around The World…What Are They ?

  1. It sounds like Godzilla! 😀 I wonder if the recent solar flares have anything to do with the noises.

  2. What are the strange sounds being heard around the world. For those who follow the prophecies of Linda Newkirk it is no mystery. When these sounds began in Kiev last August Linda sought our Lord Jesus Christ to inquire what they were. Jesus gave Linda a warning for the world and revealed that it was the Russian Satanic Alliance experimenting with mind control frequencies to bring about a hive mind amongst the people. He said that these sounds attacked the lower neurological centers and created openings for demonic infiltration and possession as well causing a loosening or detachment of the soul so that the soul could be driven out of the body.

    These hideous assaults are no longer in the experimental stage my friends. They began the world wide assaults on 1/11. They are the same ones who brought us 911. The satanists love to put their signature on their evil. The Great Tribulation is roaring to life and brother will rise against brother because they will become possessed with legions of demons. It is just one part of what is coming. There will also be a false rapture/alien invasion when economies collapse and wars break out, people will think to escape the chaos and will be deceived by the millions.

    You need to read these warnings in full, they can be found in book 12 at prophecies org.

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