Do Haunted Places Fascinate You?

Have you searched and searched for hours on end trying to find the most thrilling and exciting experience of a lifetime?

Well look no further!  I have it all ready and waiting just for you!

Introducing: “Top 25 Most Haunted U.S. Destinations” guide jammed packed full of the top rated haunted attractions and spots

all within the  U.S.!  Many people find it very interesting and fun to explore spots that are known or claim to be haunted and I

have gathered together a list of the top 25 spots that are the creepiest and have actual true history behind the destinations!

Just take a look at some of the haunted destinations that are included in this amazingly, exciting and thrilling guide!

– Myrtles Plantation

– The White House

– Eastern State Penitentiary

– The Bell Witch

– The Haunted Mortuary

– Stanley Hotel

– Alcatraz

– And there are 18 more where that came from!

In this handy haunted destination guide you will get a first-hand look at why the haunted spots are so popular among thrill

seekers!  You also get all the details of all the claims and occurrences that have been proven through not only paranormal

investigators but by eyewitness accounts!

This is the ultimate thrill seeker guide that will have you on your very own ghost hunt and setting up your tour ASAP!

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over and check out everything this detailed and informative guide lets you in on and

start planning your next ghostly adventure today!



2 thoughts on “Do Haunted Places Fascinate You?

  1. I need help! I know that I have been repeatedly abducted since childhood! I need help in remembering the abductions! I have 2 vivid memories and I believe my son has been being abducted since he was little also. I have seen their ships through out my life and at times I knew they were there before I even saw them! I have an implant not the ussual kind. I woke during the procedure and I could see the shock in what they call The Grays eyes and was instantly put under again! My brief flash of what I saw has left me disturb to this day!

    • Dear Britta,
      I believe you need to find a Paranormal research team that is near you…a reputable one if possible…and tell them about your experiences . They will at the very least be able to put you in contact with others who have had the same things happen in their lives . I wish you the best .

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