Dr. Von Koestler-Poltergeist Caught On Tape Destroying Kitchen



10 thoughts on “Dr. Von Koestler-Poltergeist Caught On Tape Destroying Kitchen

  1. I thought this site was for serious, real paranormal experiences. Obviously, I was wrong. This is a fake. I hope you are aware of that,
    L. Parker

    • Dear Leslie,
      My blog is for serious events…unfortunately the line between serious and fraud becomes more blurred everyday . I have heard both positive and negative feedback about Dr. Von Koestler . Some say he is completely legit, other complete fraud . I cannot get a solid definite answer either way so I posted this to be up to my readers what they think . If you do have solid evidence that this is a fake I will take it down . I try to tread lightly on what I call fake since many of my personal experiences have been called “lies”….and they most definitely are true.
      Best wishes,
      Dr. Ryles

  2. Her voice sounds scripted. I thought immediately it was a hoax. Good editing though, bravo to the amature film makers.

    • When she went into the closet it was the perfect time for cut and editing and for the kitchen to be set up. The door was already closed enough for someone to be standing behind it and close it on her. You don’t actually see the dogs freaking out, it was just audio.

      • I completely agree that there are perfect opportunities for a cut and edit. This is what makes me lean towards the “faked” side.

  3. I also believe she sounds scripted. She does not sound afraid at all. The tap goes on while she is on the phone *I don’t think she is BTW* the camera focuses in as she turns it off but does not include the handle in the shot…probably because it has a string attached to it.

    If this is the kind of stuff this guy puts out I can use both my reasoning and my intuition and say he is a complete fraud.

  4. PS. The dog was NOT going crazy when she said it was. It was sauntering around looking calm. I have had poltergeist activity in the past and though it was annoying you get used to it. As long as no fires are started and knives are not aimed at me I can handle it!

  5. We’ve had “unexplained” happenings in our home as well. We figured it was my Grandmother…whom passed several years ago…once we “addressed” her, it all stopped.

  6. This is fake the video is quite entertaining and scary. I had experiences when I was little. our old house is haunted, the bedroom door shuts and openes by it self around 3-4pm and when you stare at it it stops moving. it doesnt happen every day thougg. Its very annoying but as a child we were used to it. Whats fucking creepy was when I was very sick I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a nurse all white without a face standing next to me, as a child I used to think it was some sort of an angel. Now that Im all grown up I realized that what I saw is a ghost. Its fucking creepy. Ghost dont do stuff like, it usually happens when you are alone.

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