Popes Plane Buzzed By UFO In Mexico 2012

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Uploaded by     on Mar 26, 2012

This footage was recorded live and then buried, we can see an object come into view as the plane makes its approach, it glides across the planes flightpath and then turns and shoots off to the top of the screen. Its highly unlikely this is a helicopter or another plane, so please keep an open mind guys. Until its identified it is indeed a UFO, but as always you decide. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/2012/03/23/pope-mexico-drugs.html
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One thought on “Popes Plane Buzzed By UFO In Mexico 2012

  1. its a kangaroo in the first one….check out how whales etc. take seals from shore area and toss them into the air a lot before they finally eat them… appears to me that same is happening with a kangaroo…tail, shorter front legs, pear shaped body, head shape – kangaroo

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