Sumerian clues to 2012 dna change.


One thought on “Sumerian clues to 2012 dna change.

  1. These are the meanings of a slave …
    1. somebody forced to work for another: somebody who is forced to work for somebody else for no payment and is regarded as the property of that person
    2. dominated person: somebody who is dominated by somebody or by something
    3. somebody accepting rule: somebody who meekly accepts being ruled by somebody else
    4. very hard worker: somebody who works hard, in bad conditions, and for low pay
    5. device controlled by another: an electronic or mechanical device that is controlled by another (often used before a noun)

    Consider these meaning … then consider the word posses … now consider that after the noted fall of man … a few selected human bodies were targeted for the possession of High DNA light Beings as to visit and or live in a lower dimensional earth land reality …. this process was referred to as the enslavement of the body …
    1. the body taken to work for the incarnation of a specific light consciousness; the body which is forced to work for the light consciousness
    2. dominated person: the body who is dominated by the light consciousness.
    3. the body accepting the light consciousness control of the mind: the body who meekly accepts being controlled by the light consciousness.
    4. very hard worker: the body working hard, in bad conditions, for low frequency pay
    5. the body controlled by mechanical transmitted signals: a body controlled by frequency signals.

    Yet humans were never intended to be what we know as slaves until the diabolical reptilian species invaded and conquered the celestial world throughout this heliosphere eons ago …. and then about 2000 years ago a second invasion conquered all that is of the Mother Earth …

    When this took place humans and their kindred reptilians were used as slave workers …

    Usually the kindred reptilians were used as slave laborers of in-earth mines … and humans were used as top soil slaves, laboring in many different branch or service … or they were left in a pitiful state, some forced to move and toil barren lands …

    Nevertheless … there is a star history for most all humanity … most all did not originate on the earth surface … but fell from their different star colonies during the noted fall of man, and were colonized here …

    There were the star colony’s sky dwellers and land dwellers … Sky dwellers were known as lords and gods …

    Before the known fall of man from their specific constellation of stars … every land dweller had equal opportunity to advance in enlightenment and inter the celestial world …

    But after the fall and after the invasion that opportunity had been cut off … and mainstream humanity were kept form even knowing about the celestial worlds …

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