Was God An Alien And The First Man Not Adam ?


One thought on “Was God An Alien And The First Man Not Adam ?

  1. Well … though I can’t agree with the total discerning of what he’s saying … I would like to add that GOD(s) refer to those enlighten (reptilian) Beings and their celestial sun-star worlds which occupied dimensional levels there throughout the Heliosphere held in place by the hollow Sun, which was given to them by the CREATOR to be their Father sun colony and “light and power source” ..

    And the LORD is referring to those enlighten (human) Beings associated with a timeline ascension of sister day-star colonies leading from the Mother Earth up to a specific constellation of other sister day-stars which remain linked to their Primary (hollow) Lunar Day Star given by the CREATOR to be the Mother star colony and “Light and power source”.

    Now the Primary Mother Earth were inhabited by both species of Her enlighten Beings .. Human and reptilians .. they lived together in harmony …

    Yet before things fell from place … Mother Earth set in an enclosed pocket of open atmosphere called heaven … and was positioned though time and space to sit just above the hollow Sun … and a traveler could only get their through portal openings via the Sun …

    But since then after the fall of things … these two cosmic Hosts of power and light … are seen as Sirius “A” and Sirius “B” … but all module data of these Cosmic Hosts were transferred to the Sun and moon given to this heliosphere ……

    Now in this area of space … after things had fallen into visual view of this Universe … diabolical reptilians form deep space invaded and conquered the heliosphere and later becoming allies with the satanic humans, invaded and conquered the Mother Earth …

    Now the celestial righteous reptilians and Holy Humans have made it behind the veil and deliverance is near …

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