5 thoughts on “UFO Attacks & Kills 9 Hikers In Russia—Warning Graphic

  1. I don’t think it was a UFO. I think they came across something from an underground base in that area. According to reports from the Natives around Dulce, New Mexico, the things that come out or are released from the underground bases have weapons that can do this very thing. Some of the tribal elders, when they speak about it which is very hard to get them to, say they have seen animals vaporized and some of the people that “go missing” ended up victims of these beings. Makes me afraid to walk around in the woods. Never know what the hell you might stumble upon.

  2. I don’t think it was a UFO. I think they got too close to an underground base in that area and something (Reptilian, some sort of bio-engineered being, or whatever) found them, scared the shit out of them, and gave chase until it used whatever horrifying weapon it possessed. Ask the tribal elders around Dulce, New Mexico about weird and scary crap from underground bases and I think you will start to make a connection.

  3. Could be both. What was done to these people does spell experiments that are done at these sights.But they do have UFO tech, so….. Who can say for sure only that there is a connection.

  4. I bet those guys had it coming somehow. I’m pretty sure indiscriminately killing hikers isn’t part of the Prime Directive.

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