Strange Morphing In Movie Return To Babylon

The photos here are not the product of any sort of special effect.

One of my friends at Myspace and Facebook , Alex Monty Canawati, is the man who made this, what would turn out to be quite unusual, movie. I believe you will find the strange happenings in this film intriguing to say the least in and in many cases terrifying. I have looked at these photos many times. Digits and noses alter. Faces take on grotesque distortions . No special effects were used. Quite strange and hard to explain.


RETURN TO BABYLON is a black and white feature film that is tribute to the silent movie era. It is shot in traditional “chaplin-esque” silent-movie format, and tells the true tales and tragedies of the real life stories that rocked the nation.

the cast includes: Jennifer Tilly as “it” girl CLARA BOW Maria Conchita Alonso as LUPE VELEZ Debi Mazar as GLORIA SWANSON Ione Skye as VIRGNIA RAPPE (who would meet a tragic end in the Fatty Arbuckle tragedy that would destroy his life as well) and Tippi Hedren as MRS. PEABODY, a studio executive.

During the production, many of the cast and crew felt strange sensations. Jennifer Tilly was particularly vocal about “ghosts and spirits” touching her. This could very well be because we filmed in the mansions/estates of silent movie stars such as Norma Talmadge, Antonio Moreno, and Rudy Valentino. I was told prior to the filming that these locations were haunted.

What appeared on the actual negatives of the film was completely baffling. The actors took on various appearances, including some sinister images. I had the film studied extensively by professionals and was told the actors were “morphing” – a costly and time consuming animation process. How could this manifest on its own? We must come to conclude rationally that there is some Higher Power that is behind this phenomenon.




One thought on “Strange Morphing In Movie Return To Babylon

  1. Nice movie, i can’t wait to see it! ….. This movie is like my life growing up, normal to me but freaks everyone else lol

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